Couple Who Waited With Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck To Get Married In Vegas Recall Their Experience With The A-Listers

Millions of people get married in Las Vegas and over the weekend a couple of major names added theirs to that list when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez hit sin city and got married in a very small ceremony. While Affleck and Lopez could have painted the town red and done it all in celebrity style, they instead decided to do things simply. And just like everybody else, and so they found themselves waiting for a marriage license along with a few other couples, and one of them is now speaking out.

Airika and Demetrius Visaya actually had a bigger plan for a wedding than Ben and Jennifer. According to ABC7 in Los Angeles, They were celebrating their 2-year-old’s birthday with friends and family in Victorville, CA when a discussion about getting married eventually became an impromptu trip to Vegas for five carloads of people.

The guests headed to the chapel, while the lucky couple went to get the marriage license, and that’s where they ran into another, instantly recognizable couple that was there doing the same thing. Demetrius said…

Airika turned around and looked at the door and she was like 'Oh my God. That's Ben Affleck and J. Lo.

Apparently the husband-to-be didn’t instantly believe his new wife, which is maybe understandable. While Las Vegas might be one of the more likely places in the world to randomly run into celebrities, one expects to have that happen in a casino or a high-end restaurant, not the office where you get a marriage license.

They weren’t able to get any pictures, one assumes that the whole point of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez getting married in a small chapel in Vegas was that they didn’t want any publicity yet. Affleck and Lopez have kept their relationship about as quiet as two celebrities can. Even Affleck’s father apparently didn’t know his son was engaged initially. While the celebrity couple did not bring carloads of friends and family, the word is Affleck and Lopez are planning a second ceremony in the future that will include the guests who missed out on the first one. It’s unknown if Lopez will wear the same wedding dress, which was apparently a costume from an old movie.

The couples chatted together for a few minutes while waiting for their turn to get their license.  As one might expect, all the couples that were waiting in line wanted to see the famous people that were waiting with them. Arika said…

Everybody wanted to run back there and try to see them. I was like, we're gonna miss our wedding!

And the couple from Victorville, CA has now become minor celebrities in their own right. As People reports, when Jennifer Lopez announced the wedding in her own newsletter, she made reference to the couple from Victorville that had driven three hours to get there.

It’s a humorous, and humanizing, postscript on the will they/won’t they story of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. It turns out they will. Best of luck in their new lives together for both Affleck and Lopez as well as all the couples who got married with them. 

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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