Timothée Chalamet Jokes About The Coincidences Between The Films He’s Made With Florence Pugh And Gushes Over Her Performance In Dune 2

Timothee Chalamet and Florence Pugh
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Timotheé Chalamet and Florence Pugh are two of the biggest young actors in Hollywood. The Oscar nominees have been the subject of much attention as they constantly make headlines with eye-catching new projects and incredible performances. The two have co-starred together in Greta Gerwig’s Little Women, and now are collaborating again in the much anticipated sequel to 2021’s Dune. They clearly make a great tea, and seemingly tend to make films where their characters are bound to each other. 

While promoting his new film, Bones and All, Chalamet sat down with Variety to reflect on his career thus far, including working with Pugh again in Dune 2. The Call Me By Your Name actor couldn’t help but point out the similarities between the films the two have made together and joked about the coincidence. He said: 

We were joking on set that we keep doing these movies, and we end up together even though we should be ending up with different people.

This is a slight teaser for Florence Pugh’s role in the Dune sequel. She joined the cast earlier this year as Princess Irulan Corrino, the daughter of Emperor Shaddam Corrino IV, who will be played by Christopher Walken. She has a complex relationship with Chalamet’s character, Paul Atreides. Chalamet went on to praise his co-star and what she is bringing to their upcoming film, saying:

Florence is really special. She’s an incredible actor. She was incredible in ‘Dune’ — seriously incredible. She brought a gravitas to the role.

It's so great to see these young actors supporting each other. They clearly have a great working relationship, and I’m sure many fans are thrilled to see these two on screen together again very soon. Aside from Pugh and Chalamet, the Dune 2 cast is ever-growing and star-studded, so there are several reasons to be excited for the upcoming sci-fi flick. Notably, Zendaya will be reprising her role as Chani, and Denis Villeneuve is returning to direct the film. 

The similarities between Chalamet and Pugh do not stop at the films they have made together. Their careers have almost seemed to parallel each other in a lot of ways. Both actors made a splash promoting their movies at the Venice Film Festival, and they both often choose projects with auteur directors. For example, Pugh has joined the cast of Christopher Nolan’s 2023 epic Oppenheimer, a director Chalamet worked with on Interstellar. I’m sure these actors are going to continue to circle each other's careers in the years to come, and fans can only hope for even more collaborations in the future. 

Dune 2 is currently in production and set to hit theaters on November 3, 2023. In the meantime, you can revisit its predecessor, Dune, with an HBO Max subscription. For information on other upcoming films arriving at theaters and streaming, make sure to check out our 2023 movie release schedule.

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