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Tron: Legacy Alum Garrett Hedlund Arrested For Public Intoxication Following Breakup With Emma Roberts

Garrett Hedlund in Mudbound
(Image credit: Netflix)

Celebrity relationships tend to draw a lot of interest from the general public (like Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s), and this has certainly proven to be true for Garrett Hedlund and Emma Roberts. The two stars’ relationship was the center of media attention for several years, and that arguably increased after Roberts gave birth to their son in December 2020. However, it was recently reported this past week that the two have recently broken up. Now, following the split, the Tron alum has been arrested for public intoxication. 

Garrett Hedlund was reportedly taken into custody on Saturday night in Franklin County Tennessee. According to TMZ, bond for the misdemeanor arrest was set at $2,100. The news outlet later provided an update, saying that the star had been released on bond. However, he’s currently due to appear in court sometime in March. 

This isn’t the only legal situation the actor is facing at the moment, either. Around the time his breakup with Emma Roberts was reported, he was sued for alleged negligence stemming from a car crash that occurred in Los Angeles back in January 2020. E! News obtained legal documents and, according to the suit filed by the mother and daughter involved, the star allegedly “passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle and ran a solid red-light at a high rate of speed.” Ultimately, his vehicle collided with a Nissan Sentra that carried Marina Venegas, Jennifer Castillo and two young children. Per the suit, the passengers received “severe and permanent injuries.”

Garrett Hedlund has been a fixture within the Hollywood landscape for some time now. He truly managed to break through during the early 2000s with memorable roles in films like Friday Night Lights, Four Brothers and Troy. By the 2010s, he’d appeared in high-profile dramas like Country Strong, which saw him sing with Gwyneth Paltrow, and Mudbound. He also went back into the realm of blockbusters with 2010’s Tron: Legacy. Hedlund’s performance in the sci-fi flick struck a chord with audiences and, in the years since, he’s spoken about the possibility of returning for a third film in that franchise. Though he seemed eager, his chances of returning seem slim now that Jared Leto seems set to take the reins of the niche Disney property (and getting ripped for the role). 

But as previously mentioned, his relationship with Netflix’s Holidate lead, Emma Roberts, is what’s arguably thrust him into the public eye even further. The two began seeing each other back in 2019 and, since then, they mostly kept their romance private. Roberts has, however, shared pics of their son, Rhodes, since his birth. Last week, People broke the news that the two were having a tough time, and one of the trade’s sources offered an alleged update on their co-parenting efforts:

It's sad, and they are trying their best to co-parent. It's been hard.

As of this writing, Garrett Hedlund’s reps have yet to comment on his arrest or the breakup. Though official statements on at least one of the situations could arrive sooner rather than later.

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