Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent Reveals Machine Gun Kelly Reached Out To Her Fiancé After Trashing Movie With Megan Fox

The premiere of Megan Fox’s latest movie, a crime thriller co-starring Bruce Willis, had a lot more drama to speak of besides what's in the actual movie. The director's fiancée, Lala Kent, who also stars in Bravo's Vanderpump Rules, was accused of shading the Jennifer's Body actress for not attending the event. Then Machine Gun Kelly got in some hot water for trashing the film's lack of, um, cinematic quality that same day. (Despite his criticisms, the rapper only had a brief role in the movie.) Nevertheless, Kent revealed that Machine Gun Kelly reached out to her fiancé, Randall Emmett, after the hoopla.

The movie in question, Midnight in the Switchgrass, is based on the true story of the “Truck Stop Killer” with actress Megan Fox playing the FBI agent tracking him down and Machine Gun Kelly appearing as a bit pimp character. Their chemistry on set seemingly carried over into real life because the two started dating, but Machine Gun Kelly had a funny way of showing loyalty to the movie that brought them together. (He used a trash can emoji when alluding to it on Twitter on the premiere night.) According to Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent though, Machine Gun Kelly was singing a different tune later to Randall Emmett, who produced/directed the film. Kent said this on Watch What Happens Live:

He did send Randall a text that he apologizes and the movie was great. So he redeemed himself.

So it seems that Machine Gun Kelly isn't as ruthless about his movie with Megan Fox as was previously believed. The rapper-turned-actor made amends with his former director Randall Emmett, and the reasoning is perhaps understandable. Though MGK touts a bad-boy image, it never hurts to be on good terms with a big-time Hollywood figure like Emmett, who has even produced a few of Martin Scorsese's works, including Silence and The Irishman. Still, his fiancée Lala Kent got some backlash, too, only for supposedly shading Fox at the Midnight in the Switchgrass premiere by blocking out Fox’s image on a poster when taking pictures. The Vanderpump Rules star later denied the accusations.

It's kind of befitting that the reality TV star is in the mix of all the petty drama from Megan Fox’s Midnight in the Switchgrass premiere. Lala Kent, along with starring in one of her fiancé’s last produced films, has been on Vanderpump Rules for six seasons. And even though she's been known to eviscerate her castmates on the show, she didn't appreciate Machine Gun Kelly's takedown of her man's film. She said:

I thought the tweet was extremely mean. Save the mean stuff like that for us reality TV stars.

In essence, Lala Kent was saying to leave it to the professionals. And Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox might not know this, but the Vanderpump Rules cast are indeed certified professionals in the art of shade. The ninth season of Vanderpump Rules is finally airing now, and Kent herself still has the same silver tongue, even as a new mother.

Hopefully, Megan Fox’s “trash” movie side-dramas are now put to bed entirely. Although Machine Gun Kelly has other more serious troubles on the horizon to deal with concerning his upcoming directorial debut.

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