Video Of Lori Harvey Stepping Away From New Beau On Red Carpet Goes Viral, And Fans Think It Was Super Awkward

Lori Harvey as a guest on The Real Talk Show
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After her breakup with Creed III star/director Michael B. Jordan, Lori Harvey has moved on in her life. A relatively new relationship with Snowfall star Damson Idris has sparked a wave of opinions from Harvey’s fans, which was to be expected after such a high profile decoupling. Unsurprisingly, their red carpet debut in honor of the FX Series' final season on the 2023 TV schedule, as a video capturing the couple’s night in the spotlight ended up looking super awkward.

Through the Twitter feed Where Is The Buzz, the following clip of Lori Harvey and Damson Idris has been making the rounds with everyone invested in the developing story. Watching this whole scenario play out is, without question, a bit weird; but judge for yourself below, as we’re about to share that video in question: 

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It's unusual, at least in the context of the moment we just saw from the Snowfall red carpet. Lori Harvey and Damson Idris are shown to be a bit uncomfortable, and that has inspired reactions of all sorts from anyone who's observed it. Kofi Josephs, who goes by the handle “Keezus 4,” started things off with this rather spirited comment:

They standing as if, if this don’t work out they can crop each other out the picture and still keep it.

Granted, this is a relationship that still seems to be in its early days. Not to mention, that first look at the Harvey/Idris connection that inspired all of the previous reactions looked a bit distanced itself. 

Seeing that sort of energy cropping up yet again, and in full motion, could seem to be a bit troubling. Someone who doesn’t seem to be as concerned about this is user “Nonny07,“ and they have the photos to prove it, which they shared along with this message of positivity: 

Y’all need to stop hating, the picz look good.

It’s been a while since Lori Harvey’s big breakup, and while she’s moved on her former partner Michael B. Jordan is still processing. Some may think that it’s a rather interesting contrast in personalities, with Lori Harvey currently being in a relationship and Jordan not. A theory has been posed for why that might be, at least that’s what this tweet from “unicornplugg” would have us believe:

Why tf does all her relationships look “business savvy” like when is she gonna find real love. I could be wrong tho.

Another quick hit of snark from tweeter “PMLEGEND” took aim at Damson Idris, continuing the trend of jokes about subscription renewals and rental policies. There’s quite a few gags that pick up on that running thread, with the following remark being one of the more tame usages of that act: 

Why is Damson holding Lori like a rental that he has to return after the event?

Perhaps the best note to end this whole round up on comes from commenter “CharleNicoleVA.” Circling back to the fact that this isn’t the first time Lori Harvey and Damson Idris’s relationship has looked less than camera ready. Bringing up a very valid point, here’s the very humanizing message they contributed to this discussion:

They don’t look happy and it looks very awkward.. but maybe it’s just at this particular moment they were put in front of cameras during a awkward interaction, trying not to be negative because I don’t know these ppl personally

Whatever the truth behind this moment happens to be, those of us on the outside really can’t pretend to fully know what’s going on between Damson Idris and Lori Harvey. Whether or not things work out, there’s always the possibility that just as Creed III star Jonathan Majors has suggested, Idris may want to have a talk with Michael B. Jordan about these “girl troubles” that may or may not have cropped up. As the world waits for updates on the situation at hand, we can all expect Michael B. Jordan to return to the world of 2023 new movie release in his big Creed three-quel, which is set to touch gloves in theaters on March 3rd.

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