Watch A Cameraman Lose It (Literally) When Michael B. Jordan Appeared On The View

Michael B. Jordan in Without Remorse
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Michael B. Jordan may have passed the hypothetical torch to Paul Rudd for “sexiest man alive,” but that most certainly doesn’t mean the actor is not still one of the hottest stars in Hollywood. Exhibit A: it looks as if a camera person lost all ability to point and focus their equipment when Jordan paid a visit to The View

We’re not entirely sure what went down on the set of the morning talk show behind the camera, but in front of it, audiences couldn’t help but notice a funny moment that sends the camera person’s off course when Michael B. Jordan came out to the stage to talk to The View’s hosts. Check it out: 

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I feel like this is a first-person perspective on what might go down if you’re in a certain close vicinity to the Black Panther actor? One Twitter user joked that perhaps they were deemed unconscious at the sight of Michael B. Jordan, and whether or not if that’s true, it feels palpable. I mean it’s this man we’re talking about: 

Michael B. Jordan was met with rapturous applause on The View, with many fans standing up to welcome him on the show. When he sat down next to the hosts and the cheering continues, Whoopi Goldberg said this to the audience: 

Hold on, none of you are going home with him, so just calm down, feast your eyes and let us do this interview.

This TV segment just oozed of sexual tension as Joy Behar also commented on Michael B. Jordan’s appearance, calling him “gorgeous” and “fine” on national television, because sure! The View women do certainly say it like it is, don’t they? 

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If all this isn’t funny enough, the shot of the camera person losing it when Michael B. Jordan came on to The View aired on television and then was removed from the official YouTube version of the interview. It goes to show that it was very much a mistake by some odd circumstances that very well could have been because of the side effects of being around the ripped and talented Michael B. Jordan.  

Michael B. Jordan was on The View to promote his latest film (and tearjerker), A Journal For Jordan, which is an adaptation of the 2009 memoir of the same name by Dana Canedy. It tells the love story of Canedy, her late husband and their son. Jordan plays First Sergeant Charles Monroe King, who fell in love with Canedy and became the father to their son Jordan before being killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq in 2006. 

The movie was directed by Oscar-winning actor Denzel Washington and written by Mudbound writer Virgil Williams. A Journal For Jordan hits theaters on December 25. 

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