As Dwayne Johnson’s Movies Crush On Multiple Streaming Services, The Star Sent A Message To The Fans

The Rock in Jungle Cruise trailer 2021
(Image credit: Disney)

Dwayne Johnson has had quite a successful year, delivering movies throughout the pandemic that have performed exceptionally well. Earlier in 2021, Johnson released Jungle Cruise, in which he and Emily Blunt bantered their way through a crazy Indiana Jones-like adventure that hit both theaters and Disney+. Then, in Red Notice, he teamed up with Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds for a film that has since broken countless streaming records on Netflix. So as his movies continue to crush on the digital platforms, the star has sent a message to the fans who supported him.

The Rock couldn't help but celebrate his recent triumph over multiple streaming services. It's hard to blame him, as it's not often that an actor has two of the biggest streaming movies in the same year, let alone on multiple services. Johnson took to Instagram to share the news, and he thanked fans worldwide while reflecting on what he and his production company have learned over the past year: 

THANK YOU guys worldwide for this insane support … On streaming platforms @disneyplus & @netflix - both JUNGLE CRUISE & RED NOTICE had been watched approximately 2 BILLION MINUTES in ONE WEEK … An amazing opportunity in our industry for our @sevenbucksprod to continue to serve our global audience first and closely pulse how the people want to enjoy our films, TV productions and other businesses across ALL platforms.

The movie industry has been faced with a great deal of uncertainty since the pandemic started and, as a result, streaming productions have become that much more important. Dwayne Johnson has always been able to draw a crowd to the theaters, so it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that many were eager to watch his films in their own homes. Johnson is clearly looking forward to the future and what's possible now in a new age. It's likely that he and his team at Seven Bucks Productions will look to stay ahead of the curb as they drop new movies and TV shows.

Jungle Cruise was a strong showcase for the actor and co-star Emily Blunt, as both made a great on-screen duo. Though their aforementioned chemistry and banter seemed to humorously stress Disney out at points. Thanks to its strong performance, there's already a sequel in the works, but it may not happen for a while due to the lead actors' busy schedules. Still, the film should be worth the wait. 

Meanwhile, Red Notice beat out Birdbox to become the most-watched Netflix movie of all time, prompting The Rock to break out some tequila. The star-studded film is almost guaranteed to have multiple sequels, given that it was so successful and the stars enjoyed working together. 

Dwayne Johnson has even more franchise with sequels on the way. For instance, the  Jumanji franchise already has a fourth movie planned out. Hobbs and Shaw 2 could also happen, though Johnson is unlikely to return to the main Fast and Furious franchise before it ends. Needless to say, the actor is a busy man, so let's hope he gets some downtime, which allows him to take in his accomplishments more. Be sure to keep up with all of the star's upcoming releases.

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