Why Tom Cruise Isn't At The Oscars, Despite Top Gun: Maverick's Big Nominations

Top Gun: Maverick is nominated for six Oscars at the 95th Academy Awards, but if it does capture an Oscar, its big star/producer won't be there to accept it. Tom Cruise did not attend the biggest night at the movies, but there's a good reason why he won't be there. Surprise, he's working on the set of another movie. 

Tom Cruise isn't taking a day off for an awards show and is instead in the U.K. working on the set of Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part II, according to Entertainment Tonight. While Hayley Atwell can take a break from filming for a beautiful vacation, apparently Cruise didn't want to step away from the thrilling scenes they're no doubt filming each day on set. 

While Tom Cruise didn't attend the Oscars despite his nominations, he did take a break from filming to attend the nominees' luncheon weeks ago. Perhaps he was planning to attend originally but opted out and decided to prepare for some epic stunt he's filming

While Tom Cruise is away, Top Gun: Maverick hasn't had any trouble getting nods at The Oscars. In fact, the actor made a cameo via footage of the movie shown at the opening, which spliced in Oscars' host, Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel also later poked at Cruise's strong ties to Scientology, so he's still getting a good deal of mentions despite his absence. Kimmel also credited Cruise as one of the reasons the movies bounced back after pandemic lockdowns but noted that achievement made his skipping the Academy Awards ironic. 

Top Gun: Maverick was nominated for Best Picture, Writing (Adapted Screenplay), Film Editing, Sound, Music (Original Song), and Visual Effects. In the event that the movie does win Best Picture, it's reported that producer Jerry Bruckheimer will accept the award. 

While Tom Cruise is one of Hollywood's most celebrated actors, he has yet to win an Oscar in his long career. To date, he's received two nominations for Best Actor for Jerry Maguire and Born on the Fourth of July, as a Best Supporting Actor nomination for Magnolia. Top Gun: Maverick marks his fourth nomination, though it is one for Best Picture. 

If winning awards won't play a part in Tom Cruise's legacy, it's safe to say his legacy will be solidified in the work he's put in on the Mission: Impossible franchise. Moviegoers are as psyched to see Ethan Hunt on the big screen as they've ever been, so credit to the A-lister for keeping at work and ensuring that folks keep turning up to movie theaters for big blockbusters.  

CinemaBlend is all hands on deck during the 95th Academy Awards and keeping tabs on all of the big winners for the night. Of course, we'll also be reporting on other big moments as well, and all the jokes that will undoubtedly be made at Will Smith and Chris Rock's expense. 

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