Willow Smith Doesn’t Want To Talk About The Oscars Incident, But She Does Get Candid About Her Relationship With Parents Will And Jada

Willow Smith has found success focusing on her rock music career, performing songs that completely stray away from her “Whip My Hair” days. Now rocking a bald look, the 21-year-old singer-songwriter also has a thriving relationship with her parents as they’ve supported her entertainment career and life outside of the spotlight. While Willow Smith doesn’t want to talk about the controversial Oscars incident involving her father Will Smith, she still has plenty to say about her working relationship with her parents.

When Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on stage at the 94th Academy Awards, all eyes were on the King Richard star and his family. When asked by The Guardian to comment about her father’s slap incident with Chris Rock, she preferred to talk instead about her love for her father. She told the paper,

I love my dad. I pretty much love every person I’ve ever met. People are just humans, and humans are complex and beautiful creatures who deserve to be creative and to be respected and loved and … yeah, that’s pretty much it.

We first saw the working relationship between Willow and Will Smith when she made her acting debut in his dystopian thriller I Am Legend as a seven-year-old. Willow Smith is actually the same age now as her father was when he first starred in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The resemblance between her and Will Smith is unreal, as you see a young Will through his daughter's mannerisms. Whether it is through her walk, how she extends her chin at the end of each sentence like her dad, or the raw talent she brings out in her music and acting, it’s easy too see a connection between the Young Artist Award winner and her father. 

Things were a bit tense between Willow Smith and her parents when they failed to understand the mental health issues she was going through. However, Smith has never been shy talking about how she feels about her own parents, offering nothing but praise for them. She told The Guardian,

My parents are my best friends. They are both wonderful people. I love them not just because they are my parents but because they are Will and Jada, who have their own beautiful, complex and amazing minds and hearts.

According to the interview, the young artist eventually forgave her parents as they acknowledged their mistakes dismissing her mental health problems as “tantrums." While partaking in Red Table Talk with her mother and grandmother, three generations of women engaged in honest dialogues to better understand each other. Jada Pinkett-Smith has said in an episode that she felt it was hard to relate why her daughter would have mental health issues while growing up famous, as her mother didn't start out as a child star. But it shows how important it can be to have these talks with your children in order to better help them with anything life throws at them.

While Willow Smith participates in Red Table Talk to talk about the hard stuff, she knows she can count on her dad when she needs some laughter in her life. She said,

My dad is definitely the one cracking the jokes. The kids are a little more subdued, a little more chill. My dad is the most hyper of all of us. That’s why he’s amazing, because he has endless energy. My mom and me and my brothers are a lot more emo and thoughtful about things.

The rock star daughter of Will and Jada-Pinkett Smith is proud of her parents no matter what televised drama comes their way. You can check out her new album Coping Mechanism on October 7 and keep up with CinemaBlend’s upcoming movies so you’ll know when the next film where members of the Smith family will appear next.

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