Wow, Jason Momoa Looks Awesome As The Crow In Unearthed Test Footage

Jason Momoa in Aquaman
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Jason Momoa holds many roles in today’s pop culture. He’s Khal Drogo in one of the most beloved series of our time, Game of Thrones. Momoa is of course the DCEU’s Aquaman and most recently Duncan Idaho in Denis Villeneuve’s Dune. There was also a time when the actor was set to play The Crow in a reboot of the fantasy comic book series. Although the project fell through back in 2018, official test footage from the movie has just been released. 

After set photos apparently surfaced online of Jason Momoa as Eric Draven, filmmaker Ryan Unicomb took to Twitter to share the actor’s test footage. Check it out: 

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Whoa. The actor is seen rocking the long curly hair and the famed Crow makeup previously donned by Brandon Lee when the actor memorably took on the role in 1994’s The Crow. But there’s more where that came from. Unicomb also shared this 18 second clip that has more of Momoa as the antihero. 

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The reactions range from fans getting excited for the movie that never was to staying loyal to Brandon Lee’s portrayal. Either way, it’s awesome to see the actor in the role years after the project fell apart. The Nun filmmaker Corin Hardy was going to helm the movie, and was set to shoot in late 2018 ahead of an October 2019 release date set by Sony Pictures at one point until it wasn’t. In spring 2018, Jason Momoa took to Instagram to announce that the movie would not be happening for the time being following some behind the scenes issues. 

In Momoa’s statement, the actor shared that he’d been waiting years to encompass the role and he was still very much interested in playing The Crow. He said the film they had been working on needed to be “set free” and said he would be “ready when it’s right.” At the time, rights to The Crow had never actually closed a deal with Sony, making it impossible for the movie to be made legally. 

The Crow is a comic book series created by James O’Barr follows the tragic story of a man and his fiancée, who are killed by a street gang. But, Eric is resurrected by a crow and seeks revenge for their crimes. 

Prior to Jason Momoa nabbing the role, actors including Jack Huston, Luke Evans, Bradley Cooper, Tom Hiddleston and Norman Reedus all were reportedly attached to playing Eric Draven at one point or the other. Momoa seems to have gotten the furthest, especially in light of this released test footage. Now that we’ve seen Momoa in full Crow makeup, we have to wonder if the actor will ever get to play the role for real. 

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