Jason Momoa Has A Pretty Funny Take When His Sweet Girl Co-Star Admits She Hasn't Seen Game Of Thrones

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It would be fair at this point to call Jason Momoa an action star. He is, of course, known for playing Aquaman on the big screen, but he's also been in a number of television shows in the past decade plus of his career which see him fighting, grunting, leading armies and / or trying to survive ridiculously difficult situations. One of these includes the show which made the actor famous, HBO's mega hit Game of Thrones, where he was seen as Khal Drogo for only 10 episodes. Even though the role made Momoa a huge star, he had a pretty funny take when his Sweet Girl co-star, Isabela Merced, noted that she'd never seen GOT.

While Jason Momoa has certainly gained even more fans since he began playing Aquaman on the big screen for DC several years ago, few of his fans will likely forget that the role which really brought Momoa to prominence was that of the brutally effective Dothraki leader on Game of Thrones during its first season. When speaking with the AP about their new Netflix film, Sweet Girl, Momoa and his young co-star, Isabela Merced, were asked about their first meeting and how they hit it off. After he noted that they're "very similar in our styles," Merced admitted to her ignorance of his GOT time, and had this exchange:

MERCED: I hadn’t watched a single episode of Game of Thrones. I still haven’t. And I’m so sorry.MOMOA: Don’t watch it. That’s not how you want to see your father.

Well, if that's not a perfectly funny and frank response from Jason Momoa, I don't know what would be! Sweet Girl sees the former Khal Drogo / husband of Daenerys Targaryen play a grieving widower who's trying to bring the people responsible for his wife's death to justice, while protecting his daughter. As you may have guessed from his comment, Isabela Merced plays that child in the movie, and Momoa joking that it would be too much for her to see him as Drogo might not actually be that far off the mark.

Look, we all love us some Momoa. He seems like a funny, all around cool dude. And, when we look back on the murder-fest that was much of Game of Thrones, it's pretty easy to concentrate on the eventual "moon of my life," "my sun and stars" nature of the romance between Drogo and Dany, but it most certainly didn't start that way. And, even though Drogo pretty quickly came to respect his wife, see her as an equal, and show her a lot of kindness, he was as nice as he was going to get with her, and only with her.

Drogo ripped a man's tongue out and killed Dany's disgusting brother by pouring molten gold on his head as he screamed, and he did those things for her honor. So, you can imagine what he did when he wasn't backed by an urge to show his love.

Even so, I bet that the bond that Jason Momoa and Isabela Merced seemed to have formed off screen would be able to withstand some Game of Thrones viewing, especially considering that they appear to like and respect each other just as much as Drogo and Dany by the end.

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