Over the last two decades, superhero films have adapted plenty of memorable protagonists and antagonists for the big screen. A large portion of these characters have gotten to appear in several films, while others only had one chance at cinematic fame - but left their own mark, whether positive or negative. Given the nature of reboots and sequels, some of these individuals are revisited, but that doesn’t mean that every comic book character deserves that treatment.

While the next five years are going to be introducing a variety of characters that haven’t appeared on the big screen yet (especially on the DC Comics side), there will also be plenty of familiar faces returning, from the Avengers and X-Men to Batman and Superman. Keeping in mind how exponentially popular this genre is growing, there’s a belief that some characters should be brought back for another round. This list features the heroes and villains that we don’t really want to see again, whether it’s because they were so incredibly painful to watch the first time, if they’ve already had plenty of chances to shine, or if their arcs have simply reached the point where there’s no need to delve further.

Blade is notable for beginning his film series only two years before X-Men, the film that many consider to have kicked off the modern era of comic book movies, was released. Although the first two entries did decently, Blade: Trinity was received negatively and hasn’t appeared on the big screen since. Marvel Studios has since gained the rights back to the character, but no plans have been announced for Blade to be introduced in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Despite Wesley Snipes keen on returning for a Blade 4, it would be best if the vampire hunter was set aside for now. Killing vampires is an exciting and pulse-racing career, but Blade very recently had his time to shine in a full trilogy of films, and with the way things are going in the MCU, there’s no rush to bring him in.

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