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The Flash has become one of the greatest superhero programs ever to grace the small screen – despite the fact that it’s been on the air for less than two seasons. Grant Gustin has crafted a pitch perfect version of Barry Allen that die-hard fans and casual viewers both seem to gravitate towards. It’s for this reason that many people found themselves upset when Warner Bros. revealed that actor Ezra Miller would take on the mantle of The Flash in the upcoming DC films. However, despite the fact that we will see multiple versions of Barry Allen, new reports indicate they could still cross over with one another at any time.
Following his recent stint on the Dawn of the Justice League special, Super fan Kevin Smith talked shared what he had learned about DC’s plans for the multiverse during his Fatman on Batman podcast:
And we did a piece where we talked about, I don’t know how much I’m supposed to say because they cut it out, and I was kind of bummed they cut it out. But the idea of, ‘Hey man, DC is known for nothing if not a multiverse,’ so at which point I was like, ‘Could they fucking crossover?’ And he was like, ‘Ahhhhh.’ So doors are being left open and stuff like that for… think about this, you can have Ezra Miller be The Flash and you could also have Grant be The Flash, because there’s a multiverse at work.

So according to Kevin Smith – who heard this information from Geoff Johns – the multiverse is being left on the table for potential use. The multiverse has already been introduced on The Flash as a storytelling device, so expanding it to have implications for all DC properties on TV and the silver screen would make a great deal of sense. It would also serve as the world’s greatest fan service to see Grant Gustin and Ezra Miller both sprinting side by side as different versions of Barry Allen at some point in the future.
The implications of this idea extend far beyond just the Scarlet Speedsters themselves. If the multiverse becomes canon for the entire DC Extended Universe then it means that potentially all characters could appear in any medium at any given time. Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen could somehow encounter Henry Cavill’s Superman, or another iteration of Batman could be cast and brought into The CW’s Arrowverse. It also gives Warner Bros. a bit of breathing room with regards to one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s biggest pitfalls: why don’t characters constantly show up to help one another? Travelling between dimensions is no easy feat, and as such it makes sense that certain characters might not constantly interact.
We will bring your more information on the multiverse as it becomes available. For now, you can check out Grant Gustin on The Flash every Tuesday night on The CW, and Ezra Miller will premiere as the character when Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters on March 25, 2016.
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