Of Course Matthew McConaughey Is In Steven Soderbergh's Male Stripper Movie

When it comes to casting his male stripper movie Magic Mike, Steven Soderbergh has been pretty consistent in his casting: everyone on board thus far has light hair and looks good when they're not wearing a shirt. The project already stars both Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer, but now the filmmaker has signed the king of "Where's My Shirt?"

Variety has learned that Matthew McConaughey has signed on for a role in Magic Mike. The film centers on the titular character (Tatum), a male stripper who takes a young man (Pettyfer) as his apprentice and teaches him " how to hustle both on and off the stage." McConaughey will play a former dancer named Dallas who owns Xquisite, the club in which Tatum works. The story is partially based on Tatum's experience as a dancer prior to his career as an actor.

You know what I would find absolutely hysterical? If Magic Mike proved to be one of the on;y movies in which McConaughey keeps his shirt on for the entire film. I can see it now: Dallas spends the entire movie in his office either yelling or giving advice to Mike or his young associate. Then, in the final scene of the movie, Dallas walks out of his office and up to one of the stripper poles after the club has closed. He begins to reach for the buttons on his shirt and then stops. He shakes his head, walks off stage, says "Alright, alright, alright," and the screen fades to black. Perfect.

Eric Eisenberg
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