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Deadpool has been one of the most highly publicized movies in recent memory. Ryan Reynolds and the marketing team behind the film shot an insane amount of material which seemed to be produced and released every day for months. While these ads and spots were all certainly funny and enjoyable, it did seem a bit suspect. Was this viral marketing campaign trying to make up for a lackluster film? Did Deadpool not have the ability to stand on its own two feet? 

Well, it turns out that Deadpool had all the goodness in the film the whole time. Reviews have been pouring in for the R-rated comic book romp and critics are really applauding the effort that Marvel and Fox put into the comic book adaptation. In fact, Cinema Blend’s own Eric Eisenberg gave Deadpool a rather glowing review that you can see here. One example of Eric's approval of the film is as follows: 
As has been proven in the past by titles like Iron Man and Guardians of the Galaxy, humor goes a very long way in making comic book movies stand out, and it’s the fact that Deadpool is constantly laugh-out-loud funny that will secure its place as one of the best examples of the genre.

Just how successful Deadpool apparently is can be seen through Rotten Tomatoes. A website that almost prides itself on harsh and honest reviews from regular moviegoers, Rotten Tomatoes currently has Deadpool rated an outstanding 100% fresh at the time of writing this story. Considering how hardcore comic fans are likely to loathe adaptations that don’t follow the source material closely enough, this is really saying something. The current 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes is based off of 23 reviews at this moment. 

Concern for Deadpool has also been regarding its R-rating. While the film was always intended to be rated R, and was filmed with that intention, it’s a risky move for the box office. One of comic book movies’ biggest demographics is the teenager group. Deadpool’s R-rating excludes those comic book junkie kids, and forces them to need supervision when seeing the Merc With A Mouth. Variety’s review acknowledges this, hoping that the R-rating becomes “less as kiss of death than as badge of honor.”

Personally, I’m glad that Deadpool is rated R. The movie just wouldn’t have been the same if Wade Wilson was censored and lacking in expletives and violence. While I was certainly worried that the film wouldn’t live up to the hype and all of the promotional materials, I’m relieved that reviews seem to be so favorable. This only cements my decision to see the Deadpool once it is released across the country. 

Deadpool will be flying into movie theaters on February 12th. Until then, enjoy the NSFW trailer that had us all so excited a few months ago.