Last summer, when Joe Kosinski was the unknown wunderkind director of what Disney was hoping would be the giant holiday hit Tron: Legacy, the studio kept him in the fold by agreeing to make Oblivion, an original sci-fi idea Kosinski was developing both as a film and a graphic novel. Now, three months after Tron: Legacy opened reasonably well but failed to set the world on fire, Kosinski is still deep in developing Oblivion, but Disney has brought in some extra hired guns to help make sure things stay on track.

According to THR, writer Karl Gajdusek will be making a pass at the script, which had previously been penned by none other than The Departed Oscar winner William Monahan. They've also changed the title from Oblivion to Horizons, though it's unclear if that reflects a change in the actual plot, or if the accompanying graphic novel will get a title change as well.

Rewrites are so common on major projects that they're almost not worth noting, but given how patched together the Tron: Legacy script was, I am a little worried about another Kosinski project traveling down the same choppy path. The studio seemed full steam ahead on the production last summer, but with rewrites now happening it's hard to tell when Horizons might start shaping up. Tron: Legacy, for all its flaws, was clear evidence that Kosinski is a filmmaker with a lot of ideas, so I'm hoping this one can still turn out well enough for him to live up to his promise.

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