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For years Kim Kardashian has been one of those generic looking, pretty famous women who I couldn't place in a lineup. I'd see her on the cover of Us Weekly from a distance and think, "Is that the Bachelorette? Is she on the Playboy show? Who is she exactly?" At this point she's stuck around long enough in culture that I basically get the idea, and now that she's moving further ahead with her acting career, she might start getting recognized by people other than tabloid and reality TV junkies.

As THR reports, Kardashian is taking her her first role in a feature film since 2009's Deep in the Valley, signing on to Tyler Perry's next film The Marriage Counselor. The plot follows a married couple whose relationship falls apart after his parents move in with them, and the wife, the marriage counselor of the title, "stops practicing what she preaches when she rekindles a relationship with an old flame." If I know anything about Tyler Perry's movies, the film will end with the couple getting back together, reaffirming their commitment to each other and his parents and probably throwing in some praise for the Lord as well.

Kardashian's role sounds pretty small, playing a co-worker of the main female character, Judith. But even if Tyler Perry movies aren't usually on your radar, it's undeniable that they are always big hits, and a ton more people will see Kardashian's acting chops than ever saw Deep in the Valley or her first movie, Disaster Movie. It might be generous to assume that she has any acting talent to speak of, but I do know that you don't turn yourself into a brand and have your wedding in the gossip headlines for weeks without being a little smart. Tyler Perry has become very rich and very successful while also being underestimated by a lot of people, so maybe they'll have a lot to talk about on the set.

Shooting on The Marriage Counselor starts later this month.

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