Please, Marvel, Make This Ant-Man/Hawkeye Scene Happen In Civil War

There’s an X-factor in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War that most of us haven’t really talked about yet. While much about the next Marvel movie makes it feel like it’s an Avengers film, because nearly everybody in the MCU is joining the fun, there’s been a new addition to that universe since the last team-up movie: Ant-Man. Now a new piece of promotional art has given us an idea of how the new character may fit into the new movie and we have to say, we love this idea. Check out the unlikely Ant-Man/Hawkeye partnership.

Promo Art de Antman y Hawkeye #CivilWar #NoBorresNoRobes MagnetoPosted by Hablemos de Marvel on Thursday, December 31, 2015

Thanks to the Spanish language Marvel Facebook fan page, Hablemos de Marvel, we have some new concept art for Civil War that sets up a scene we would love to see in the upcoming film. Ant-Man riding one of Hawkeye’s arrows. While we have absolutely no idea how such a scene could make it into the film, nor why anything like this could possibly be a good idea within the context of the movie, we don’t really care. The image of Ant-Man riding an arrow is awesome and we hope that this concept art made it past the concept stage and that this will actually be a scene in the upcoming movie.

For what it’s worth, the scene does also give us the impression that Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man will be on Captain America’s team when the sides are chosen as part of Civil War. The ending credits scene of the Ant-Man movie had certainly given us the impression that Cap and Falcon would be the ones who would be bringing Scott Lang into the action, and since we’ve seen Hawkeye standing with Cap in the trailers, it all appears to fit together. We haven’t actually seen Ant-Man in the trailers for Civil War thus far, unless, of course, he’s been too small to notice.

Art like this is often created very early in the film’s process so while this could have been created to represent an actual scene in the film, it’s just as likely that it was created by a Marvel artist who liked the image, without any actual knowledge of what was going on in the movie.

We look forward to seeing exactly how Ant-Man will fit into Captain America: Civil War. He’s fairly new to this whole superhero thing but he showed Falcon that he certainly has what it takes to hold his own in battle. The rest of the Avengers have no idea what’s in store for them when it comes to the little guy, so Ant-Man could turn out to be something of a secret weapon for Captain America.

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