The Real Reason Cate Blanchett Wants To Join Thor: Ragnarok

When Thor goes on his next solo adventure in 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok, most of his supporting cast will be returning, but as is the case with sequels, there will also be a few additions. Aside from Thor’s fellow Avenger Hulk, none of these new players have been identified, but a few actors have already been rumored to join the God of Thunder’s threequel, including Cate Blanchett. It was reported last month that the Carol actress is being eyed for a "prominent female role," and while nothing is official yet, Blanchett has teased why she might want to join the movie.

Although Blanchett wouldn’t confirm whether she’s signed on to Thor: Ragnarok, she did tell USA Today that she’d love to be part of the adventure’s action. As she put it:

I would love that. I’d love to get fit and punch people.

It certainly sounds like Blanchett would be game for Thor: Ragnarok, though it may be a couple more months until we get confirmation whether she joins the MCU or not. Blanchett has previous experience in genre movies, like the Hobbit series and Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, so joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be a great way for her to take part in a big blockbuster, just as long as she gets to be in on the action rather than sitting on the sidelines. Blanchett would also fell right at home with the MCU’s other Oscar winners.

As for who Cate Blanchett might be playing, there are two likely possibilities. The first is the main antagonist, since Marvel is reportedly looking for a "big name actress" to fill those shoes. If that’s the case, then Enchantress would be a good candidate. Blanchett has delved into villainy before (most recently as Lady Tremaine in the live action Cinderella remake), so one could easily imagine her battling Thor and causing chaos across the Nine Realms either on her own or working with Loki. On the other hand, it was reported last year that Valkyrie might appear in Thor: Ragnarok, giving the God of Thunder yet another superhero ally. Not only does she have the traditional enhanced Asgardian abilities, but she also wields a mystical sword in battle, so that would qualify as Blanchett getting to "punch people."

While the prospect of seeing Cate Blanchett in Thor: Ragnarok is intriguing, it still doesn’t reveal anything about the plot. When we last saw Thor in Avengers: Age of Ultron, he went back to Asgard to investigate the Infinity Stones and the mysterious vision he experienced. If the movie is following the comics closely, then the sequel may see the Ragnarok event possibly destroy Asgard and most of its inhabitants, thus forcing Thor, Hulk and other allies to try to prevent its passing.

Thor: Ragnarok will storm into theaters on November 3, 2017.

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