The Red-Band Brothers Grimsby Trailer Is Exciting And Shocking

We know what you're thinking, the world’s greatest spy is James Bond. Well, it turns out that isn’t actually true. The world's greatest spy is named Agent Grim, and he’s the lead character in next years’ The Brothers Grimsby. The other star is, well, yeah, it’s his brother, who is very much not a dangerous spy. He appears to be mostly useless. Fair warning, the trailer below is a red band, meaning it may not be something you want to flip on during your break at the office. Most of the trailer is fine, it’s only the end when things get...awkward.

Ok, so maybe the trailer is a tad bit misleading about the kind of movie that we’re in for. The Brothers Grimsby stars Mark Strong as one of Britain’s greatest covert agents, and Sasha Baron Cohen as his sibling, and the two will be forced to work together because of a new assignment. Based on the description of Cohen’s character, they must need to infiltrate a band of renegade football hooligans for some reason. This trailer certainly gives the impression that action movie fans will have plenty to enjoy here. If you’ve never heard of this film before now, you likely thought you were getting a straight up action flick, and the comedic...umm...climax probably came (dammit) as a complete shock.

While Sasha Baron Cohen is not a major part of the trailer, he is a major part of the movie. He co-wrote the script and is a producer on the project. The only thing Cohen’s movies have in common is that they rarely have anything in common. This one certainly follows that lack of a pattern, as we’ve never seen the man tackle action before. Strong isn't a complete stranger to comedy, though it certainly isn’t the place you expect to see him. Even in Kingsman: The Secret Service, which certainly had its share of laughs, Strong was the straight man.

Needless to say, this is not your average spy movie. Unless the movie you’re comparing it to is the movie Spy. Espionage comedies appear to be a thing at the moment, as the Melissa McCarthy comedy, which co-starred Jason Statham, was fairly successful in its own right. This one appears to be different enough from that one that fans will be able to enjoy both without feeling like they’ve seen it all before.

Now that we’ve been introduced to The Brothers Grimsby, we can’t wait to see how the two of them are going to work together. The film is currently set for release on March 4 2016.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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