See Ted 2's Awesome Flash Gordon-Inspired Poster

Ted 2 hits theaters on Friday, but that doesn’t mean they’re done having fun in the pre-release media campaign yet. There’s a new poster for the upcoming comedy which will strike a chord with anybody who was a sci-fi fan in the 1980’s, especially if you’ve seen the first film.

The poster via the Ted Facebook page, is a reproduction of the original 1980 Flash Gordon movie poster. Ted looks just as evil as Max von Sydow’s Ming the Merciless. Mark Wahlberg takes on the role of a slightly confused looking Flash Gordon, as played by Sam J. Jones, and Amanda Seyfried is in place as Melody Anderson’s character, Dale Arden. Sam J. Jones had a cameo as himself in the first Ted film as the talking bear and his best friend are big fans of the movie and jump at the chance to meet one of their heroes. We know that there are going to be more Flash Gordon references in the sequel as well, and Jones will also be returning, because who can get enough of Flash Gordon?

While the film from the 80’s was a box office flop it has obtained a level of cult status since then, mostly due to its sheer degree of spectacle. Everything about the movie is epic, including its camp. There have been numerous attempts to reboot the franchise over the years and now it looks like we may even see a direct sequel to the Dino De Laurentiis produced opus sometime in the near future. Something we’re sure would make Ted very happy. Seriously though, we all know it was the Queen soundtrack that really made the movie amazing.

As compared with the Ted 2 poster, the original below has only had the faces changed, to protect the innocent we expect. Ted even has a nice Ming beard going on. The replica is so spot on that near the hilt of Wahlberg’s sword there’s some sort of silver-grey arch that might be part of the Flash Gordon logo from the original poster.

image description

We’re looking forward to more Flash Gordon related shenanigans when Ted 2 is released on June 26. If the first film was any indication the follow-up should make for some hilarious comedy. Also, Sam J. Jones doesn’t get much work anymore, so it’s really sweet of these guys to keep giving him a job. He is Flash after all.

Dirk Libbey
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