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Ted 2's Super Bowl Commercial Sounds Hilarious, Will Feature Tom Brady

With a brand new poster and its first trailer on the way, Ted 2 is ready to shoot its advertising load into the public's eyes. But just when you've thought you know what's headed your way, a surprise hits you in the face. This time, that surprise is coming from Tom Brady, as we've received news that the New England Patriots quarterback is not only going to be in the Super Bowl ad for the Seth MacFarlane directed sequel, but that he's also in the film!

The Hollywood Reporter got the news from sources that Ted 2's Super Bowl spot is so secret that not even Universal-owned NBC knows what it'll contain. That, however, didn't stop the inside from providing some details about just what Tom Brady will be doing in the ad for in the film. If you don't want to know anything about Ted 2's plot or Super Bowl commercial, you're going to want to click back to the home page. It's okay, as you've probably been struck with the urge to watch the Fantastic 4 trailer again.

Still here? Cool, because from this point on, it's going to get freaky. As you'll remember from today's poster reveal, Ted 2 is banking on some spanking for its laughs. Well, it looks like there's a reason to Ted's manual overriding being the focus of the ad campaign's early hours. As it turns out, Ted, for some reason or another, wants a baby. That's right, a talking teddy bear wants to become a father, and it looks like Hasbro forgot to give Ted the materials to make one of his own. Enter the audition for sperm donors, one of which is none other than Tom Brady himself.

This recent development has us wondering just who else will be auditioning for the role of surrogate father to the heir of Ted. Considering Liam Neeson, Morgan Freeman, and even Neil Patrick Harris are all signed on in some capacity for Ted 2, the image of a mid-film montage comes to mind, where famous candidate after famous candidate interviews and is turned away for some weird reason or another. Off the top of our head, we'll say Neeson gets turned away for being too intimidating, Freeman is turned away because his voice is too rich, and Harris will probably be turned away because... well, actually why would they turn away Neil Patrick Harris?

With A Million Ways To Die a certified bomb, the pressure for Seth MacFarlane to out-do Ted is doubled with the upcoming sequel (as though there wasn't enough pressure). If Ted 2 even thinks its going to have a chance in Hell of making as big of a splash, if not bigger, at the crowded box office of 2015, it's going to take balls. Lucky for Ted, he looks like he'll be borrowing Tom Brady's. Unlike that final playoff game, here's hoping Brady's balls aren't deflated below regulation standards.

Ted 2 will be released on screens everywhere on June 26th; but we'll get our first footage from the movie in the first trailer, which is expected to drop on Thursday.

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