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We fully expect that the actors in certain movies are going to tell us that their movie is great. It’s quite another thing, however, when they tell us that their movie isn’t just great, it’s the best. Marvel’s Falcon is not being even a little bit shy when it comes to singing the praises of Captain America: Civil War. Anthony Mackie thinks it’s the best Marvel movie to date. In fact, he thinks Captain America has been the source of two of the top three Marvel films so far.

According to Anthony Mackie, the three best Marvel movie to date have been:

Captain America: Civil War
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Iron Man

He doesn’t give them an overall ranking beyond saying that Civil War is the best yet, but based on the praise he heaps on the Russo Brothers in a recent interview with IGN, it seems likely that he’s putting Captain America: The Winter Soldier just below the new outing.
I think the Russo brothers and Marvel have done a very good job with upping the ante every movie. And this one definitely does not fail to live up to that.

It’s easy enough to discount Anthony Mackie as being at least a little bit self-promotional. It’s awfully convenient that the two best Marvel movies have been the two he’s had the largest roles in. However, we can’t entirely dismiss him. The fact is that Captain America: The Winter Soldier absolutely is one of the best entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far. It’s at, or near, the top of many lists compiled by journalists and fans.

Iron Man, we have to assume, is something of a sentimental favorite. It gets points for being the first entry in the MCU, and for going a long way to proving that the entire concept was feasible. Iron Man wasn’t a comic book character with the name recognition of a Batman or Superman, or even The Incredible Hulk, yet people turned out to see him in droves, making the movie a huge success. However, we’re not sure it’s one of the top three Marvel movies of all time. Anthony Mackie is completely discounting Guardians of the Galaxy, which we called the best when we ranked the movies last summer. It’s possible the actor wasn't even considering that film, standing, as it does, at a considerable distance from the rest of the MCU at this point. It isn’t part of the same storyline, so it’s easy to not necessarily think about in the same way.

If Anthony Mackie is correct and Captain America: Civil War is the best Marvel movie yet, we certainly won’t be complaining. We’re looking forward to seeing if they can top Captain America: The Winter Soldier. What do you think of Mackie’s top three? Does it match your own?