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Sex Tape Blu-ray
Director Jake Kasdan follows up his raunchy but lesson-building movie Bad Teacher with another flick about adults behaving badly. In Sex Tape, a couple decides to spice up their love life by putting together the titular tape; however, things don’t go quite as planned. Jay (Jason Segel) and Annie (Cameron Diaz) don't really understand the cloud, leading to the tape getting uploaded for their family and friends to see. Ridiculous shenanigans ensue.

Like Bad Teacher, Sex Tape focuses a lot on the rapport between Diaz and Segel, who are both comedy pros. Despite this, they don't really sell well as a married couple with two adorable, likable children, although the addition of kids in the movie allows for some of the same sort of cheeky kid-based jokes that Adam Sandler also likes to employ in his films.

Segel and Diaz have great rapport, but they are given the tough task of acting upset and a little crazy over their sex tape. Because of this, Sex Tape is often better in moments spent with the rest of the cast, including Rob Corddry, Ellie Kemper, Rob Lowe, Nat Faxon and an obnoxious middle schooler played by Harrison Holzer. Sex Tape isn’t the funniest comedy of 2014, but with few straight up comedies produced this year, it’s a suitable choice for date night. You can order Sex Tape over at Amazon.

Best Special Feature: The Deleted & Extended Scenes are pretty good, illuminating a few plotlines that had to be cut, including more scenes with the mailman after the sex tape was leaked, as well as a subplot featuring Nat Faxon and his in-office romance, as well as the retrieval of an additional iPad. It’s easy to see why the scenes were cut, but they are still worth a watch, as Faxon is the best part of the scenes, as usual.

Other Extras:
Deleted & Extended Scenes
"Capturing the Moment"
"Romance Reboot with Dr. Jenn Berman"
"Meet Hank Rosenbaum"

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