What Elizabeth Olsen Wants A Scarlet Witch Movie To Be About

After debuting in Avengers: Age of Ultron earlier this year, Scarlet Witch is posed to be an important player in Marvel’s Phase Three, appearing next year in Captain America: Civil War and likely beyond. However, like most of her teammates in the New Avengers, Wanda Maximoff isn’t set to lead her own movie. Elizabeth Olsen has previously said she’s okay with this, but if Scarlet Witch were to go off on her own, there’s only one comic storyline Olsen wants to see the solo movie adapt.

Noting the brief, but tender, scene between Scarlet Witch and Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron, USA Today asked Olsen what a hypothetical Scarlet Witch/Vision movie might look like. The actress answered House of M, the 2005 miniseries that saw Scarlet Witch overwriting the main Marvel universe. Olsen said:

It has to be House of M. That’s still all I want to do, I don’t care. I would just love to have make-believe children and have him play along with it and then just decide to destroy all mutants. That would be so fun but obviously that would never happen.

For decades in the comics, Scarlet Witch’s base powers were being able to manipulate probability via "hexes," but it was in House of M that her full potential was unleashed. After suffering a mental breakdown, she used her reality-warping abilities to erase the 616 universe and create a new universe (officially titled Earth-58163). The result was a world where mutants controlled the governments and culture, and humans were the ones that were discriminated against. Only Wolverine was able to retain his old memories, and while he tried to defeat her with the help of his alternate teammates, it was Scarlet Witch herself who decided to revert reality back to normal, though not without almost every mutant on Earth being depowered.

As Olsen stated, the chances of House of M happening in the MCU are basically zero, at least as long as 20th Century Fox still holds the film rights to the X-Men. Conceivably this storyline could be heavily adapted using Inhumans as a substitute for mutants, but in the film universe, Scarlet Witch and her brother Quicksilver gained their powers from the Mind Stone. So it would be weird for her to change an entire universe for a group of people that she has no ties to. Besides, a House of M adaptation isn’t the only way Scarlet Witch and Vision can have a happy life together.

While a House of M movie isn’t in the cards (for now), moviegoers can see Scarlet Witch as Captain America: Civil War’s "wild card" on May 6, 2016.

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