Why 2 Dudes Have Watched Grown Ups 2 47 Weeks In A Row

What is the worst idea of all time? Tough to answer, right? I mean, each of us probably has an example of a terrible idea that we have come up with. But it probably won’t beat the "Worst Idea" cooked up by New Zealanders Guy Montgomery and Tim Batt. These two have watched Adam Sandler’s Grown Ups 2 once a week for the past 47 weeks. They want to try to make it a solid year.

Good God, why?

The duo spoke with Vice.com, and explained that this torturous process is all for the benefit of a podcast titled, appropriately, The Worst Idea of All Time. Initially, they believed that the idea of watching any movie once a week for a year would be ludicrous. The concept took on new life, though, when they zeroed in on Dennis Dugan’s atrocity. How bad is Grown Ups 2? It has 7% on Rotten Tomatoes. It has 19% on Metacritic. The movie OPENS with a scene of Sandler getting peed on by a deer. Things don’t improve.

The guys admit that they hadn’t seen the first Grown Ups prior to this experiment, though now they’d kill to see it, just to vary what is in front of their suffering eyeballs. That’s another thing that changes. Batt explains that after watching the same movie once a week for nearly a year, you no longer pay attention to the film. He said:

The first effect I've noticed recently is that I find it impossible to watch what is in the focus of the shot now. I can't draw my attention to what the filmmakers designed me to be looking at. I'm looking at extras, I'm looking at a product that's been placed on the table. Even if I try now, I can't look at the main action."

Grown Ups 2, naturally, is the sequel to the hit film Grown Ups. Both films really just exist as an excuse to give Adam Sandler and his friends – from Kevin James and Chris Rock to David Spade and Rob Schneider – something to do. Rock even pointed out that he was so bored while making Grown Ups 2 that he buckled down and wrote the much funnier Top Five. Maybe Batt and Montgomery can watch Top Five once a week for an entire year once this podcast is finished?

Don’t count on it. Batt swears there is no second "season" of this experiment planned. "I want to burn it to the ground," he says of the podcast project. Seeing Taylor Lautner on screen every week for a year will do that to you.

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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