As a modern internet-using human, your online life is not complete if you haven’t binge-watched one or all of the following: My Drunk Kitchen, Daily Grace, and You Deserve a Drink. These witty and wacky webseries are fronted by Hannah Hart, Grace Helbig, and Mamrie Hart respectively. And their massive success has led the trio, who often offer crossover eps, to more than 3 million YouTube subscribers, 300,000 Twitter followers and 250,000 Facebook likes. The obvious next step for these three funny friends was a movie, which they announced at their live No Filter Show, viewable above.

Together these kooky comediennes starred in a movie called Camp Takota. The film directed by Nick Riedell and Fruitvale Station's Chris Riedell was intended to be distributed by Chill. However, The Wrap reports Chill is downsizing dramatically, and in addition to cutting its entertainment staff, the company is also letting loose its claims on movies, TV shows, and stand-up specials it had committed to distribute. This means Camp Takota is seeking a new means of distribution, and The Wrap is nudging Netflix or Amazon to jump on this opportunity.

Snatching up Camp Takota seems a smart move for either streaming service, as online watching is what Hart, Helbig and Hart's fanbase is clearly accustomed to. Besides that, the numbers above as well as the 3,600 likes and nearly 2000 tweets about the film's website show there is a market for this camp comedy, though niche it might be. But niche entertainment has done well for Netflix, whose catalogue is made up of a wide array of programming meant to appeal to even the most eccentric movie watcher. (For some suggestions on what's worth watching, check out our Now Streaming column.)

Another bonus would come in the form of plenty of free marketing from these three Youtube stars, whose self-promotion has proved so successful it has lead to the aforementioned tour. Basically, we're siding with the Wrap: Netflix or Amazon should get on board with Camp Takota while there's still time. If you agree, tweet at them. @Netflix @Amazon Instant Video

For more from Hannah, Grace, and Mamrie, check out an episode from their wildly popular webseries. All are NSFW.

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