Ben Affleck Hijacks A Jason Bourne Twitter Feed, But Matt Damon Has The Perfect Reply

Lifelong friends Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have both become huge stars in their own right in the years since they broke on the scene together. That doesn't mean that one of them can't take the time to give the other a hard time, though. Matt Damon was recently taking part in a Twitter Q&A in Australia as part of the promotion for the upcoming Jason Bourne film. One of the people with a question, however, was Damon's old friend, who had a very personal question.

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Ben Affleck asked Matt Damon what advice Damon would give his younger self, circa 1988. Damon is then treated to a look at a picture of himself from many years ago. While Damon says he sees nothing but major success for the guy in the picture, it's clear he's mostly joking (even though he's really not, as that guy in the photo really would become a major success). While we can't really see the image that Damon is being shown, Ben Affleck was nice enough to tweet it out on his own account, so that the rest of us could get a good look. Get ready to check out the most 80s thing you'll see all week.

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Matt Damon and Ben Affleck both came to mainstream attention following their film Good Will Hunting, which would put the pair on stage at the Academy Awards after taking home the prize for Best Original Screenplay. Since then, each has gone on to become a major superstar in Hollywood. Ben Affleck directed the Oscar Best Picture Argo and is now the new Batman for Warner Bros. Matt Damon has become a major action hero thanks to his role as Jason Bourne. They've both certainly come a long way. On the one hand, it has to be nice achieving such major success alongside your best friend. Unfortunately, the downside of that is that your friend has all the blackmail material, like pictures of you with terrible 80s hair, that he can show the world.

We're dying to know what musical number Alicia Vikander is referring to here. If there's video in the world of a young Matt Damon with a Flock of Seagulls haircut singing, we need to see it now.

Hopefully, someday these two friends will make another movie together. Until then, Matt Damon will next be seen in Jason Bourne. Ben Affleck is currently filming Justice League.

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