Marvel Continues To Joke About Thor's Whereabouts During Captain America: Civil War

While the throwdown in Captain America: Civil War was epic, it was short a couple of Avengers. At San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel had a good laugh over what happened to the God of Thunder. Apparently, they're not quite done yet, as a new image has been revealed, which shows what Thor was probably doing around the time the Sokovia Accords were being signed. He was playing a game with his roommate Daryl. For what it's worth, he doesn't appear to be having a very good time.

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During Marvel's big panel at San Diego Comic-Con, they didn't have anything to show off from Thor: Ragnarok as filming had only started five days earlier. Instead, those in attendance were treated to a short, documentary-style film, which followed Thor's action following Avengers: Age of Ultron. The first thing Thor did was move in with a normal human, some guy named Daryl. As it turns out "Daryl" is actually writer and director Daley Pearson. He released this image on his personal Twitter feed, which was not one of the scenes in the short film. We are seriously hoping that there are more of these that we'll be seeing in the coming months. We want more still shots of Chris Hemsworth doing everyday normal human stuff as Thor.

This is just another example that when we finally get around to seeing Thor: Ragnarok, it's going to be a very different Thor film than what we've been used to. Director Taika Waititi is a hilarious person, and what the Civil War: Team Thor film showed was that he'll be bringing that sense of humor to Thor in full force. While the previous Thor films haven't been necessarily bad, they've just been missing something that the most of the rest of the MCU has. It's clear that Marvel Studios is making an effort to find that with their choice of director.

As far as what the actual Thor: Ragnarok film will be about, we know less about that. When we last saw Thor in Avengers: Age of Ultron he was very interested in the fact that the Infinity Stones were starting to show up, something that actually is addressed in the documentary, Thor is apparently aware that there's a purple "man in the chair" at the center of all this. As such, we'd expect the larger storyline of the stones, that will eventually get us to Avengers: Infinity War, will play a significant role. However, with other pieces of information, such as characters like The Grandmaster, Skurge, and Hela also being involved in the story, it's anybody's guess at this point how all of these pieces will fit together.

What do you think of this lighter side of Thor? Is this the spark that the series needs to set it apart? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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