Is There A Suicide Squad End Credits Scene? Here’s What We Know

Suicide Squad

These days, post-credits scenes that help set up future sequels are becoming more and more common in major franchises. It's a mainstay of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but has yet to become adopted by the DC Extended Universe. Will Suicide Squad change that? As it turns out, yes, yes it will. What's more, the first DC post credits scene is being described as something very important to the DC universe as a whole.

If you're afraid of spoilers here, you can relax. We won't be telling you what the scene actually is - we're simply confirming its existence. While a couple of us here at Cinema Blend have seen the film, I'm not one of them, and those that have seen it are sworn to secrecy about what it is that actually takes place in the scene (which actually shows up mid-credits, as opposed to actually at the very end). The two previous films in the DCEU have stayed away from following in the footsteps of Marvel and haven't added stinger scenes after the credits . We're guessing that the reason they've decided to change things up will likely be important.

It's interesting that Suicide Squad is the film to start building the DC Extended Universe in this way. Ever since it was announced, the David Ayer blockbuster has felt like something of an outlier in the DCEU. Every other movie that Warner Bros. has released or announced has been part of the series that will lead to Justice League, but Suicide Squad has seemed much more like a standalone story. There wasn't anything wrong with that, in its own way, that was the film's strength - however, now we may need to reevaluate slightly.

Of course, what's actually in the scene could have only the slightest connection to Suicide Squad itself. It could be something entirely separate designed to help setup Wonder Woman for all we know at this point. While it's likely got something to do with the team of bad guys themselves, considering how many of them there are, the possibilities are nearly endless. While we've heard about possible futures within the DCEU for Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn and Will Smith's Deadshot, nothing has been confirmed as far as we know.

I'd put my money on something involving Jared Leto's Joker, just because he's the character that we can probably most assume we'll be seeing again. A scene that gives us an idea of the direction he'll be going in would certainly excite audiences. Maybe, if he gets locked up at the end of the film, he'll meet another major villain in prison?

Now that you know you'll be staying through the credits of Suicide Squad, what do you hope to see? Join the conversation below, look for the blockbuster in theaters on August 5th, and stay tuned for a whole lot more of our coverage of the movie!

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