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With August quickly coming to an end, the summer blockbuster season has pretty much concluded after Suicide Squad's release a few weeks ago. And with summer film scene closing, we now look ahead to the fall and holiday seasons of movies. Perhaps the most exciting of these is Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which will make history as the first Star Wars live-action standalone movie. Set just before the original trilogy, Rogue One will introduce us to a ton of new and exciting characters, as well as bring back a few from the original films.

One of the new characters that Star Wars fans are excited to meet is the new droid, K-2SO. K-2 will be voiced by Firefly actor Alan Tudyk, and is sure to bring a ton of laughs to the Rogue One. And now we've been given a closer look at him, thanks to Empire Magazine. Check it out.

Pretty awesome, right? This is definitely the closest look we've gotten of K-2SO, and it certainly helped to reaffirm details about his character that we might have forgot.

If there is one aspect of this image that stands out, it is the Imperial insignia that is on K-2's left arm. All of the footage we've seen of the droid thus far has been alongside the Rebel troops, but it's important to remember that he was originally built as an Imperial enforcer droid. At some point, he was captured by the Rebel forces and reprogrammed to support the light side of The Force. It's unclear if we'll be seeing this series of events happen during Rogue One's runtime, or if he'll already be on a good guy by the time he's introduced to Star Wars audiences.

K-2SO's former Empire allegiance actually makes a great deal of sense considering what we know about the character. Alan Tudyk, who voices the Droid, has been making his rounds doing press for the upcoming spinoff. During these interviews, he's revealed that K-2 will be bringing a ton of sass and attitude to the team's mission and that he apparently doesn't have a filter. Perhaps this has to due with his original programming- with his body and mind having some form of disconnect due to switching causes. This seems like comedy gold for the newest droid, and will hopefully cement him as a fan favorite alongside R2-D2, C-3PO, and BB-8.

As a refresher, check out the newest trailer forRogue One: A Star Wars Story, including our very own K-2SO.

Although K-2 doesn't have a ton of features in the Rogue One trailers thus far, perhaps we can expect to see his trademark sass as the release date moves gradually closer. Star Wars trailers are generally epic in scale and vision, so perhaps the levity provided by K-2 didn't fit with the theme of the first trailers. Instead, a snarky remark at the end of a future Rogue One TV spot make more sense, ensuring audiences that the movie will indeed have moments of comedy.

Are you excited for K-2SO to join the ranks of the other Star Wars droids? Sound off in the comments below.

Rogue One: A Star Wars story will fly into theaters on December 16h, 2016.

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