When Bad Boys 3 Will Probably Start Filming, According To Martin Lawrence

Bad Boys

Bad Boys is one of those film series that, for whatever reason, that has captured audiences imaginations. A third entry is on the slate to be produced, at some point, eventually. In recent months it has seemed like Bad Boys 3, officially titled Bad Boys for Life, was really on it's way to becoming a reality. Now one of the co-stars says the hope is for filming to begin early next year.

We're looking towards maybe March. So hopefully it may happen if we can get everybody together at the same time.

While appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live Martin Lawrence said that when fans meet him on the street, another Bad Boys movie is the most common thing that he's asked about. While Bad Boys 3 has been in development hell for years, over the last 12 months or so it has seemed that everybody that has needed to get on board has done so. The movie was even given a release date. However, that date has already been pushed back a couple of times already, and it's now apparently eyeing a January 2018 release after being set for next summer. This would make a filming schedule in March of 2017 sound about right.

Except that, it hardly seems like a done deal the way Martin Lawrence is talking. He uses words like "if" and "maybe" when describing the plan to start shooting in March. Lawrence says that the issues currently confronting the movie are getting the script right, apparently, it still may need some work, and just getting everybody's schedules clear at the same time. He doesn't throw anybody under the bus as far as who's schedule is the one holding things up, it could be Lawrence himself for all we know. The other major possibility is, of course, Will Smith. It's possible though that it could be somebody behind the camera as well. Joe Carnahan has apparently been tapped to replace Michael Bay as director. Maybe he's the one who's been too busy.

Neither of the Bad Boys films were particularly loved by critics, though the second film blew the doors of the box office when it came out in 2003. Both Will Smith and Martin Lawrence has expressed interest in returning to the roles one more time. It does seem that this movie will get made, it's just not guaranteed it will be starting in March.

Are you ready to see Bad Boys for Life right now? If you're hoping that filming does start in March, tell us how excited you would be down in the comments below.

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