Wolverine Has Bullet Holes And Battle Scars In Awesome New Logan Image

Logan director James Mangold has been documenting a great deal of the production of Logan on Twitter and a new image shows just how beat up Hugh Jackman is going to get in the new movie. We've already seen just how old and grizzled Wolverine will be in Logan thanks to the trailer. However, a new picture from the set shows us just how dangerous the new film is for him because he's not healing like he used to.

Wolverine still looks like one of the toughest guys in the world in the image. He's clearly been through something and has what appears to be a bullet wound and another major scar to show for it. The fact that he's standing upright shows that he's still able to survive injuries like this, however, the fact that he has scars at all also means that his body may be beginning to break down.

One of the things that we learned from the Logan script page that was released was that in the new movie Wolverine's healing factor won't be working quite as well as we're used to seeing. It would seem that as Logan ages his whole body slows down, just like the rest of us, only that holds true for his regenerative abilities as well.A shot from this same scene is included in the Logan trailer, showing that his scars extend beyond those we see on his chest.


While the proper X-Men films appear to be having some difficulty finding their footing, the ancillary tales look to have found a strong voice by taking their material to very different places. Deadpool made its mark by being hyper-violent, hyper-vulgar, and generally insane. Logan is apparently looking to go in the opposite direction. It seems clear the film is going to do its best to be the most emotional and grounded superhero movie we've yet seen. Whether or not it will succeed certainly remains to be seen, but the fact that they're even trying shows a confidence in the material and a confidence in Hugh Jackman, that they won't lose their audience simply because they're going to focus on something other than action.

We're all looking forward to Hugh Jackman's last bow as Wolverine when Logan hits the screens in March. The movie certainly looks like it will be a true goodbye. Are you ready to say farewell to the long-serving actor?

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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