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What Andrew Garfield Really Thought About The Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer

Andrew Garfield Hacksaw Ridge

It's always rough to pass the torch to the next generation of superheroes, especially when you weren't finished taking your turn at bat, much like Golden Globe nominee Andrew Garfield. With his tenure as The Amazing Spider-Man unceremoniously cut short due to less than stellar returns, Garfield has moved on to bigger and better things, while still feeling a bit of sorrow over the lost opportunity that was the Marc Webb duology of films. However, that hasn't soured his outlook on the character, as he's seen the new trailers to Spider-Man: Homecoming, and he's more than a little bit of a fan.

ET Online spoke with Andrew Garfield at the Critic's Choice Awards last night, and the red carpet was the perfect place to ask the second cinematic Peter Parker his thoughts on Tom Holland's performance in the role he helped maintain the legacy of. Garfield's reaction sounds like it's coming more from his fan brain than his actor's persona, as he said the following:

I watched it and it's great! I think it looks great. I'm really excited to see it, I can't wait. I'm a big fan of Tom [Holland] and that character, so I'm just really excited to see it.

Andrew Garfield's approval of the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer is another feather in the cap of a pretty well-received reception to the first official footage from the 2017 reboot. After premiering on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week, over 18 million views have been racked up, and that's just from the official Kimmel release of the trailer. A second trailer for international audiences also set the internet on fire that same night, which was actually the better of the two trailers, as it showed off a little more of the story and the villains lead by Michael Keaton's Vulture.

We're assuming Andrew Garfield is talking about the domestic trailer when he gushes about Spider-Man: Homecoming. However, he may have seen both and is just conflating them into one whole. No matter which version Garfield has taken in, it's always good for an actor taking up an iconic role like Tom Holland to get the unofficial blessing of the guy who came before. Even if it was merely a polite formality, the fact that Holland is officially Garfield-approved is a sign of confidence in Spider-Man: Homecoming's efficacy. But knowing Andrew Garfield and his straight shooting policy about discussing the Spider-Man franchise, you can tell that he's sincerely excited to see what his successor does with his new spin on the same web.

Andrew Garfield can currently be seen in his Golden Globe-nominated performance as Desmond Doss in Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge, which is currently in theaters. Garfield's next project, Martin Scorsese's Silence, will be in theaters on Christmas Day.

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