February is under a week away, and with that turn of the calendar comes some inevitable shedding of titles from the Netflix Instant library. This month brings the removal of some low key classics and hidden favorites that the internet loves to rave about, as well as two films that have sequels coming to theaters through the course of this year. Clear your weekend calendar and start contemplating sick days, as you're going to want to see these movies before they leave Netflix.


One of the best things about Netflix's streaming library is that if you find the right title, you can take a trip down memory lane. Clueless is one of those titles that is a time capsule in and of itself, capitalizing on the height of '90s fashion and teen culture. Though if nostalgia isn't your thing, then consider this: the film is a sort of adaptation of one of Jane Austen's famous works, Emma. Seeing as this movie's still being talked about more than the Gwyneth Paltrow adaptation of the actual material, you could probably add "superior literary adaptation" to this film's resume.

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