Final Kong: Skull Island Trailer Brings The Most Monster Mayhem Yet

It's been over a decade since King Kong was last on the big screen, but Kong: Skull Island marks his big return, figuratively and literally. With less than a month to go until the blockbuster's release, Warner Bros has released the final trailer, dubbed "Rise of the King." But it isn't just Kong who is getting all the attention. Many of the Skull Island inhabitants get to unleash mayhem within the preview.

Tom Hiddleston's James Conrad may be a skilled military man-turned-hunter/tracker, but even he knows that visiting an uncharted island means the chances of dying are much higher. However, even he has a price, and because John Goodman's Bill Randa, a member of Monarch, was able to appropriately compensate him, Conrad is willing to join them on this mysterious quest. From there, the latest Kong: Skull Island trailer takes the action to the infamous island, and while everything seems to be going smoothly at first, it probably wasn't a good idea for the troops to drop explosives, because it's clearly pissed off the island's monarch. It's also ironically fitting that The Animals' "We Gotta Get Out of This Place" plays as the giant ape "attends" to the unwanted visitors.

Even though King Kong is the most famous monster residing on Skull Island, he isn't the only threat lurking there. Just ask John C. Reilly's Hank Marlow. He's spent nearly three decades stranded on Skull Island, and he's seen a lot of freakish creatures roaming about, including the Skullcrawlers (note: whether that name sounds cool or not is subject to debate). So on top of a giant gorilla, the surviving humans in Kong: Skull Island will need use whatever remains of their arsenal to fend off these beasts. At least Brie Larson's Mason Weaver looks like she'll be okay. In typical King Kong fashion, the ape has taken a liking to the main female protagonist.

Kong: Skull Island is the second installment of Warner Bros' and Legendary Entertainment's MonsterVerse, although chronologically, it's set in the early 1970s, approximately four decades before the main events of 2014's Godzilla. Although Kong will be the one who initially antagonizes the human visiting his island (which also includes Samuel L. Jackson's Preston Packard, Corey Hawkins' Houston Brooks and Jiang Tian's Sam Ling), the main conflict will be between the ape and the Skullcrawlers, and some of the cast will soon start to think that maybe Kong is worth saving. Whatever goes down in this movie, one thing is certain: Kong is making it out alive, because in 2020, he'll be battling a certain fire-breathing monster reptile in Godzilla vs. Kong.

Kong: Skull Island will wreak havoc in theaters on March 10.

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