The Platoon Cast Reunited At Johnny Depp's House, And The Image Is A Must See

It's been 30 years since Oliver Stone's Vietnam War epic Platoon showed us a much darker view of war. Recently, the cast got together to celebrate the anniversary and, well, it turns out war really is hell. The party took place at Johnny Depp's house and from all outward appearances, it was an epic experience. Platoon co-star Kevin Dillon sent out an image of himself, his host, and another co-star, Charlie Sheen, and, well, it can't really be described. Just look.

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To be fair, the picture looks like three old war buddies getting together after not having seen each other for decades. The problem, of course, is that they are actors who only ever were in a movie about war. Which is not to say that they haven't been through a lot. Charlie Sheen has become infamous over the years when it comes to the extent that he will go to in order to have a good time. Johnny Depp has built his own reputation. We hope he didn't pay for this entire party himself.

30 years is a really long time and if you want to feel old just go back and watch Platoon and see how young these three actors really look. If you've been watching them make movies for three decades there's a good chance that you really didn't notice that they got older. However, when you look at them and their younger selves side-by-side it's impossible not to realize that a lot has happened since Platoon.

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Feel old yet?

It's not clear who else was in attendance at Johnny Depp's house for the Platoon party. The 1987 war movie had a cast that's still impressive when you look at it today. Along with the three in the picture above it had Tom Beringer, Willem Dafoe, Forest Whitaker, and even Keith David and John C. McGinley. Beringer and Dafoe both earned Academy Award nominations for their performances. Many of them weren't movie stars when they were cast in the film by Olver Stone, but Platoon played its part in making them household names.

These guys certainly earned a celebration after having made one of the best movies of all time. Platoon won the Oscar for Best Picture and it won Oliver Stone his first of two Academy Awards as a director. The movie is timeless. The actors who made it that way, not so much.

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