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Sebastian Stan Bucky Barnes Winter Soldier Civil War

War is coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it's going to take soldiers to fight it. On that note, it looks like The Avengers: Infinity War will see Bucky "The Winter Soldier" Barnes thawed out from his cryosleep to join forces with the rest of the Marvel heroes in a fight for survival. Because of the sheer scale and scope of the upcoming Phase 3 ensemble, Sebastian Stan recently opened up and revealed that he very much feels that his time on set was similar to Jon Snow in Game of Thrones' "Battle of the Bastards" episode, saying:

I feel a lot like that Jon Snow character [in] 'Battle of the Bastards. When there's that shot of Jon Snow, from the back as horses are charging at him and he's just standing there, that's kind of how I feel on set at times. Will I make this stampede or not?

It's worth mentioning that Sebastian Stan could likely feel this way because of how The Avengers: Infinity War compares to his non-Bucky Barnes roles. Outside of his work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and with the possible exception of The Martian), Stan has primarily worked on small to medium range movies like Ricki and the Flash, Logan Lucky, and this year's I, Tonya. Infinity War is one of the biggest blockbusters in recent memory, and it makes perfect sense to learn how overwhelming the process has become for him. All he can do is listen to what the Russo brothers tell him to do, and do his best to contribute to the final product.

Of course, the implied imagery of Sebastian Stan's comments are even better for those of us who have seen the "Battle of the Bastards" episode of the HBO series. Jon Snow facing off against a wall of stampeding horses is one of the show's best "oh crap" moments, and the comparison should go a long way towards selling the scale of Infinity War, which Stan told MTV at the Toronto Film Festival is "going to be bigger and crazier" than anything else Marvel has done.

Game of Thrones Battle of the Bastards Jon Snow

One could also take that stampede described by Sebastian Stan literally, given what we have seen from The Avengers: Infinity War thus far. Although we still don't know much about the film itself regarding how everything ties together, the footage shown at D23 in Anaheim, California earlier this summer depicted The Winter Soldier fighting alongside Black Panther and the Wakandan army against Thanos' minions. Much like Jon Snow, Bucky will soon find himself facing down against an imposing army on a desolate battlefield.

With metaphorical and literal stampedes bearing down on Sebastian Stan, we will have to wait and see if he makes it out of Infinity War alive. The film will debut in theaters next year on May 4, 2018. Until then, make sure to start gearing up for Thor: Ragnarok -- which will premiere in theaters later this year on November 3.