The Sex Doll Prank Channing Tatum Pulled On Taron Egerton On The Kingsman 2 Set

channing tatum in kingsman 2

Movie sets can mean hard work and long hours. However, it can also mean some sitting around for the actors while they wait for scenes to shoot. Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle actors Taron Egerton and Channing Tatum found ways to have fun while on set, most notably by playing pranks on one another. It all started when Taron Egerton put a mannequin in Tatum's trailer in order to scare him into thinking a real human was in his bed. It didn't end, though, until Channing Tatum put sex dolls all over Egerton's trailer. Here's what happened.

While promoting Kingsman 2, Taron Egerton revealed that he totally pulled one over on Channing Tatum when he stuck a mannequin in bed with a wig on it. To complete the look, he also included some empty wine bottles on the floor, as well as a pair of high heels. Apparently, it scared the crap out of Tatum, who thought it was a real person. Unfortunately for Egerton, Tatum is not one to be deterred and has been known for a prank or two before. In this case, he had some revenge on his co-star during his last day on set. According to Egerton,

The day he left, he filled my trailer with I think it was about 20 sex dolls and some rather disturbingly large prosthetics. It's on camera somewhere, someone filmed it I think. He spent some money on that. He really went to town.

One mannequin is freaky enough, but 20 sex dolls is completely over the top, and totally in keeping with the sorts of gags we've gotten from the Kingsman films. The first movie, for instance, ends on an anal sex joke, which is both raunchy and R-rated. So the fact that Channing Tatum went a little bit R-rated with his prank is really funny, but also really fitting, considering what movie the two men were filming. And in case sex dolls themselves aren't wild enough, co-star Pedro Pascal also told People that there may have been some butt plugs involved.

As for the 20 sex dolls, what exactly happened to them after everyone learned about the prank? Per Egerton, they sort of just hung out in his trailer while the movie was being made until they deflated enough to be stuffed away.

Eventually they were all deflated and stuffed in a cupboard but they were there in that form for ages and I had to sort of wade through them to get to the fridge or go and get my costume yeah, trying to avoid plastic erogenous zones.

I'm just imagining the surprise the next person to use that trailer may have. Speaking of erogenous zones, if you are interested in seeing more of them, you need look no further than Kingsman: The Golden Circle, which finally hits theaters this weekend. To take a look at what else is coming out, head here.

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