Chris Hemsworth Was Not Pumped About Filming A Shirtless Scene For Thor: Ragnarok

The actors and actresses who sign up for Marvel and DC movies do an insane amount of work in order to get into shape for their respective movies. Sometimes those actors and actresses are also tasked with showing off their physique, and Thor: Ragnarok actor Chris Hemsworth is no exception. In fact, he recently revealed that he was totally fine with going shirtless in the first Thor movie, but by the time Thor 3 rolled around, director Taika Waititi had a much harder time convincing him. Hemsworth said in a recent interview,

Ken Branagh came up to me on the first film and said, 'Oh look, I've got this shirt off scene, how do you feel.' I was like, 'Oh man, I've been working out for eight months; I'm ready, let's go.' And this time around, there wasn't one in the script, which I was really happy about, and then Taika said, 'No, I think we need a shirt off scene.' I was like, 'Ugh, no we've done that. Don't make me do it again!'... I just think it has to be different each time. You have an obligation to mix it up and advance it in some way.

Although Thor: Ragnarok has yet to hit theaters, we have known that Thor would be going shirtless for at least one scene. Chris Hemsworth does not seem pleased about filming the shirtless scene, but we do know he begrudgingly did it. (It could have something to do with feeling less in shape, as the actor has said his wife is in better shape than he is.) In fact, we've seen the shirtless Thor for several months, since the lengthy trailer for the upcoming Marvel film dropped at Comic-Con. But in case you don't want to revisit the Thor: Ragnarok trailer in all its technicolor glory, you can take a look at the shirtless Thor, below.

thor's abs thor: ragnarok

So, does Taika Waititi feel bad about objectifying his lead actor a little bit in Thor: Ragnarok? Not in the least. In fact, he has some kind words about the actor's epic abs. He told USA Today that his leading man should be "proud."

Be proud of that Chris, be proud of what you've achieved.

Clearly, Chris Hemsworth has eaten cleanly enough and worked out enough to be in Thor shape. What's more impressive is how long he's kept the routine up. The first Thor movie came out six years ago and filmed before then. Sure, Hemsworth is able to take breaks in between filming Marvel movies, but overall he's had to stay in pretty good shape to film Thor and Avengers movies. If you'd like to compare Thor shirtless in 2011 to the image above, don't worry, we have you covered.

Thor: Ragnarok won't be out for a few more weeks, but reviews, including our own, are already available for your perusal. Marvel has also already made tickets for the movie available for pre-sale ahead of the flick's November 3 release date. While we wait to actually watch the movie, take a look at what we know about the upcoming flick beyond Chris Hemsworth's sculpted abs.

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