One Raunchy Pitch Perfect 3 Line Anna Camp Couldn't Keep A Straight Face For

anna camp laughing in pitch perfect 3

We're totally going to get into Pitch Perfect 3 spoilers throughout this article. Consider yourself warned, pitches.

Pitch Perfect 3 is heavy on the jokes, and some of the lines are more outrageous than others. In a recent interview, Pitch Perfect franchise star Anna Camp revealed that other star Rebel Wilson had her in stitches throughout the filming of the third movie, and she noted there was one line in particular that she had trouble with. Per Camp, when Rebel Wilson started talking about vaginas, it became impossible to keep a straight face. Here's the line that came close to ruining takes in the movie:

Does your vagina suddenly feel not tight?

Early on in Pitch Perfect 3, Emily invites the previously graduated Bellas to a show. The former Barden Bellas think they've been asked to perform, but it's in fact a miscommunication, and Emily wanted the gang to see the newly-formed Bellas perform. The scene is sad for the now-adult Bellas, as they watch younger, hipper versions of themselves perform in front of an engaged crowd. Rebel Wilson's line was absolutely shock humor, but it was also an indication that the formerly-of-Barden Bellas weren't getting any younger, and it really kicked off the events that followed. Apparently, it also caused Anna Camp to lose it, as well.

So, if Anna Camp kept laughing every time the line was delivered, how did Pitch Perfect 3 eventually get through the scene? The actress told the Herald Sun that she couldn't keep it together to the point where the behind-the-scenes team literally had to work around her to get what was needed for the movie. Per Camp,

I don't! They just edit around me. It's really hard, Rebel says incredibly surprising things, you have no idea what's going to happen. But because I know it's gonna get cut out, I'm just like whatever, just let it flow.

Anna Camp has her own fair share of funny lines in Pitch Perfect 3, but the actress isn't a comedian in the same way that Rebel Wilson is, and Wilson seems to deviate from the script and try things out in ways that Camp found very funny during the making of the movie. The vagina moment isn't the only surprising or shocking moment in Pitch Perfect 3; at one point a hotel room even catches fire whilst a set of bees are let loose and at another point Rebel Wilson uses martial arts skills we really didn't know she had.

If Pitch Perfect 4 ever happens, I guess we should expect the plot and dialogue to go for even more outrageous. However, right now Universal is likely still focused on Pitch Perfect 3, which is still currently in theaters. To take a look at what else is coming up, peruse over CinemaBlend's full movie schedule for 2018.

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