The Extremely Raunchy Dick Joke Universal Cut Out Of Girls Trip, According To Tiffany Haddish

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Malcolm D. Lee's Girls Trip arguably came out of nowhere when it debuted last summer and became a popular andwell-received comedy hit. The R-rated, female-driven flick leaned heavily on the comedic chops of its core ensemble of actresses to deliver the laughs, and one of the clear standouts from the pack was Tiffany Haddish's Dina. The comedian got away with a vast amount of edgy jokes in the film, but during an acceptance speech at the New York Film Critics' Circle Awards, she admitted that Universal actually cut one of the harsher dick jokes about burning Regina's name into the aforementioned penis. Haddish explained:

A lot of things made it into the movie that I didn't ever think would make it into the movie, but can I share one scene with y'all that I really wanted to make it into the movie? But Universal said they were afraid that women would actually do this shit. So they didn't put it in there 'cause they didn't want to get sued... There's a scene where I'm telling Regina all the things I would do for her and that I got her back. I said, 'No matter what, girl, I got your back. I'm talking Timberland boots, hot grits, I don't care. We gonna pick up some Ambien, night, night, night. And then, when he asleep, we gonna burn your name into his dick... And then when he wake up, we're gonna look him dead in his eyes and we'll tell him right to his face, to keep your name off these bitches mouths.'

Is that pretty graphic? Definitely. Is it also really funny? Of course. Based on Tiffany Haddish's recollection of the experience, it doesn't sound like the joke itself was the problem for the folks at Universal. More specifically, the concern arose among the people at the studio who were worried that viewers would actually try to recreate that unsavory form of revenge. During a summer where comedies like Baywatch and Snatched didn't make significant impressions, Girls Trip still managed to become a winner without that one gag, so it's difficult to imagine that anyone is too upset about the omission.

If you love that joke, then don't worry too much about it never being utilized. During the story, Tiffany Haddish made sure to note that she intended to use it in a future stand-up comedy set so that it could get retooled and repurposed outside of the film world. In that regard, it's almost surprising that she didn't opt to use it during her recent appearance on Saturday Night Live. With all of that said, it is worth mentioning that it might also be worth it to save the joke for a future installment in the Girls Trip world. A few months ago, Girls Trip producer Will Packer suggested the distinct possibility that a sequel could potentially happen -- although it's still too early to confirm such plans definitively.

If you want to hear more of Tiffany Haddish's acceptance speech during the New York Film Critics' Circle Awards, check out the video posted by Alison Willmore below.

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Only time will tell where we will see that unused Girls Trip joke end up next, but for now, the film is currently available on Digital HD, DVD, and Blu-ray. As for this year's major releases, make sure to glance at our 2018 movie premiere guide to get a better sense of what other potential surprise hits could be on the horizon.

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