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Apparently, There's A Twitter Account Devoted To Reminding Us There's No Solo Trailer Yet

Harrison Ford as Han Solo

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is barely a month old, but fans are already looking forward to the next entry in the franchise. The only problem is, that even though the movie is only four months away, fans have yet to get even a glimpse of the film. There's been no poster, no promotional images, and you can just forget about a trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story. However, if you wake up every day wondering if the trailer is finally here, the good news is, there's an easy place to check, because there's actually an entire Twitter account dedicated to solely answering the question of whether or not the trailer is out.

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Once a day, every day, since January 16th the Twitter account @SoloMovieYet informs you whether or not the trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story has been released. As you can probably guess, the account contains a lot of redundant information, as every day the answer has been the same. No.,

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In fact, for the first eight days, the tweets literally were just the word "No" without any variation. On January 24 the account retweeted a tweet from the official Star Wars account which contained a Rogue One quote about needing to "start somewhere" and the account made a joke about the Han Solo trailer also being "somewhere." Since then the account has started to vary the way they say "no." Probably, because typing the same word over and over again every day is just getting boring.

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While it's understandable that the promotional plan for Solo: A Star Wars Story would be a bit behind, due to the extra long shooting schedule caused by the movie changing directors mid-stream, we sit here less than four months from the film's release and all we have is a title and official logo. The problem is that, while Solo could certainly achieve some degree of success even without a trailer, simply by being a Star Wars movie, the audience needs to see what this movie looks like more than any other in the franchise. The fact that there were issues behind-the-scenes that required such a massive change means people are going to be gunshy about what's coming. A trailer is needed if only to calm the fears of fans.

This morning we got a trailer for Ant-Man and the Wasp, a Disney production that comes out more than a month after Solo: A Star Wars Story. The longer we go without a trailer the more people are going to get nervous. At some point, we'll get a trailer, and now we know where to look to be sure we don't miss it.

Dirk Libbey
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