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Costumed Wade Wilson in Deadpool 2

This week was packed with trailers for many anticipated movies, Deadpool 2 being one of them. Although a couple seconds of footage from the sequel were sprinkled into the Bob Ross parody, this preview had a lot more moments to show off that were sandwiched in-between Wade Wilson using action figures to act out a fight between Cable and Sheriff Deadpool. Rob Liefeld, the man who co-created Deadpool and Cable (among others), was able to watch the Deadpool 2 trailer shortly before it was released to the masses, and in his opinion, 20th Century Fox made a wise move by not airing it alongside the other Super Bowl previews. Liefeld said:

And Fox, they're very cool with it and actually, they've completely won me over with how they handle everything. They basically starve everybody out and it's brilliant. Like today, look, every other major movie has played their hand for the summer. So, Deadpool played their cards last. Everybody else jock[ey]ing for position and today they have the entire space all to themselves, they knew what they had, they released it, people saw it, people saw how wonderful the movie looks.

It should be noted that Deadpool 2 didn't actually have all that trailer space to itself on Wednesday, as Netflix dropped a new preview for Jessica Jones Season 2. Sony also uploaded the Venom teaser trailer yesterday, leaving Marvel's symbiote-powered anti-hero as the one closing out the week (even though we didn't actually see Eddie Brock as Venom). Still, Rob Liefeld's comments to Heroic Hollywood make sense. Had Fox dropped the Deadpool 2 trailer alongside all those other Super Bowl previews, it undoubtedly would still have been appreciated, but folks would have their attention split between that, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation and more. By waiting until Wednesday, the new look at Deadpool 2 carved out its own nice chunk of internet space, and the results have been most impressive, with the trailer being viewed more than 14 million times on YouTube alone.

Rather than partake in the Super Bowl commercial fun on Sunday, the Deadpool Twitter account instead live-tweeted the football game, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was Ryan Reynolds himself behind the keyboard. With only three months until Deadpool 2's arrival, you can be sure there will be an uptick in marketing and advertising for the sequel, which is introducing characters like Cable and Domino. And like Wade Wilson, it's likely that said marketing and advertising will continue breaking the fourth wall.

Deadpool 2 hits theaters on May 18, and don't forget to browse through our 2018 release schedule to find out what other blockbusters are coming out this year.

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