Tom Holland Still Can't Believe He's A Real Actor In Avengers: Infinity War

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Tom Holland plays a kid in Spider-Man: Homecoming who is just getting the hang of his powers, and in real life on the sets of Marvel movies, it seems he's kind of a kid in a candy shop. In fact, recently while promoting Avengers: Infinity War, the actor explained he often still can't believe he gets to be in in an Avengers-oriented film. According to Tom Holland:

These movies are so surreal for me. They don't feel like making movies. They feel like I've won some kind of competition to hang out with the Avengers. Just being here is crazy. I got in last night at probably a quarter to 12. I woke up and before I knew it, I was doing a scene with Robert. I don't have enough time to think about what I'm doing until I'll be on the plane home and go, 'Holy shit, I just did work on Avengers!' To me, that's surreal.

Tom Holland is always a bit of a talker and he's even admitted he's such a blabbermouth that Marvel won't entrust the younger actor with full scripts. (It's even become a running joke.) At one point, he even discussed how he was filming a fight scene for Infinity War and had no idea who he was actually facing thanks to the vague way the scene was explained to him. Still, the fact that he's so young and fairly new to the business also means that landing the gig as Spider-Man wasn't old hat. He was wowed by getting to work on Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4, to the point where he feels like a kid who has won a competition and not an actor who earned that spot in the Marvel movie.

In a lot of ways, Marvel is a cushy gig, at least in terms of signing a contract that tells you how many movies and appearances you are signed on for. You are pretty much guaranteed plenty of work and name recognition. Marvel movies also make a lot of money at the box office and have so far gotten good critical acclaim. It's less of a rollercoaster in terms of putting a movie out there than some movies are. Clearly, Tom Holland seems to be enjoying the gig.

Elsewhere in the interview with the Inquirer, the actor revealed that at various points he got really emotional every time he re-realized he got to be onscreen with heroes like The Avengers. He explained that at D23 the concept hit him afresh and he even cried after realizing the opportunity that had been set in front of him. According to the actor,

For me, [it was] when we were at D23 (Disney's exposition event), and we showed the trailer. I sat there with all The Avengers. I saw people I've watched in the movies since I was a kid and I've looked up to for years. I started crying onstage. It's such an incredible thing to say that you're a part of this fantastic world and coming onstage. I was a little embarrassed and cried.

Cue the awws. The actor is clearly digging his role in the MCU, and it seems as if it shouldn't be ending anytime soon. Unlike other Marvel actors who could very easily die in Avengers: Infinity War or Avengers 4, Tom Holland already has Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 on the books with Sony and Marvel. Here's what we know about the upcoming movie, and be sure to catch Tom Holland and co. in action when Infinity War officially hits the schedule on its new and improved release date of April 27.

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