Sure, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the X-Men franchise, and the DCEU may currently have reasonably secure vice grips on the superhero world, but there's another comic book-themed film series that has returned to wow audiences. M. Night Shyamalan came back in a major way with Split last year, and the secret reveal of it as a stealth sequel to Unbreakable has riled up his fan base in a significant way. Now, shifting focus away from the Split narrative, Shyamalan is about to bridge the gap between Unbreakable and Split with the upcoming release the third film in his trilogy, Glass.

That's the film that we are going to talk about today. Glass remains mostly shrouded in mystery, but we're going to dive in and talk out anything and everything that you need to know about the film before it debuts on the big screen and brings these characters together. On that note, let's hop in and talk out one of the most apparent questions of them all: is this sequel even happening at all? Well, sit back, relax, and let's get into this long-awaited movie to find out.

Is Glass Happening?

Of course, we had to get to this question first. From the moment the credits rolled on Split, many fans were left wondering how the film's connection to Unbreakable would continue to evolve and become more fleshed out as M. Night Shyamalan continued his comeback that started with The Visit. Luckily, we did not have to wait very long to receive the first answer to this question, as Glass was quickly announced and put into production once it became clear that Split had turned into a box office hit for Shyamalan and Blumhouse -- earning $278 million globally against a $9 million budget. This film is happening, and it has already wrapped production.

When Is Glass' Release Date?

So, now that we know that Glass is definitely on the way, we also need to figure out when the film will actually debut in theaters for the world to see. Split seemingly struck gold by debuting mostly unopposed in January 2017 (for wide audiences, as the film screened on the festival circuit beforehand), and it looks like Glass has no intention of altering that successful framework. The next installment in this franchise will debut in theaters on January 18, 2019, which means that we have less than a year until David Dunn, Mr. Glass, and The Beast all return to the big screen!

What Is Glass' Rating?

As of right now, Glass does not have an official rating from the MPAA to determine the intensity of its content. That said, there are still a few ways for us to determine how it could be classified when it screens for the regulatory organization. Specifically, Unbreakable and Split both received PG-13 ratings when the time came to classify them, so there's ample reason to believe that Glass could do the same when it finally comes time to receive a rating.

Does this mean that a PG-13 rating is absolutely guaranteed for a film like Glass? Not necessarily. Movies like Logan have shown us that traditionally PG-13 franchises can make the jump to an R-rating if the right story comes along, so the possibility of a more intense narrative could force Shyamalan to take a more restrictive rating. Moreover, even though Glass is expected to cost more than Split, Shyamalan has admitted that it will still be a lower budget movie by Hollywood standards -- meaning it can take an R-rating and still expect to make a profit.

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