Ryan Reynolds, Chris Evans And More Volunteer To Make Wish Come True For Dying Kid

Deadpool and Captain America

Whoever said that you should never meet your heroes, apparently never met the actors who portray the larger than life superheroes in today's biggest comic book movies. On Sunday, Fox News anchor Shannon Bream made a plea on social media to try and grant a wish for a young boy who is dying in a matter of days. All he wanted was a greeting from one of the Avengers actors. Well, quite a few real-life heroes wound up answering the call and reached out to Bream to send a message to the young fan. The response was not limited to Earth's Mightiest Heroes either, as you can see from Deadpool 2 actor Ryan Reynolds response below:

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I love how Ryan Reynolds maintains his self-deprecating Deadpool humor here, simultaneously joking about Deadpool's place on the superhero hierarchy and offering his services to grant a wish. Even though the kid asked for Avengers, he's probably an overall comic book movie fan and is at least aware of Deadpool. And of all the actors who could send well wishes, I have to imagine Ryan Reynolds would be one of the most adept at putting a smile on your face. But the young fan also got a greeting from an Avenger, and not just any Avenger, the heart and soul of the team, Captain America, Chris Evans, who also took to Twitter to volunteer, saying "Happy to," before asking Shannon Bream to direct message him.

It will truly be a sad day when Chris Evans hangs up the shield because he consistently reminds us how much like his MCU counterpart he actually is. A fan favorite of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, receiving a greeting from Chris Evans had to be incredible for the dying fan. But the Avengers are nothing if not a team and a family and in addition to Chris Evans, Vision actor Paul Bettany also offered to help, letting Shannon Bream know that he is the purple one. Supposed Avenger actor, although he is MIA at the moment, Jeremy Renner also reached out, as did Benedict Wong. Paul Rudd joined in and the TV side of things did their part too with Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. actress Chloe Bennet sending a greeting, as well. The MCU doesn't have a monopoly on caring though and future Shazam! actor Zachary Levi also sought to make a difference.

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Sadly, the kid may not get to see Shazam!, but it is still super cool of Zachary Levi to do what he can and hilariously offer to impersonate the many heroic Chris' of the MCU to bring some joy to someone in need. I wouldn't call it a responsibility, but the actors in these comic book movies are huge role models to legions of young fans, so it is really cool that so many of them embrace that position and make the effort to put a smile on someone else's face. It may not take a lot of time or cost anything, but it is invaluable to the fans like this one who look up to them.

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