Another James Bond Actor Who Is Probably Returning For Bond 25

Ben Whishaw

The years following the last James Bond movie Spectre have been filled with speculation and uncertainty for fans of the franchise. Those awaiting the next 007 adventure were met with uncertainty. Director Sam Mendes departed the project, followed by speculation that star Daniel Craig was leaving the role behind. A few months ago, things began to stabilize as Danny Boyle confirmed he was on board to direct Bond 25, thus indicating that this movie is slowly but surely coming together. We know that Daniel Craig will once again be playing the super spy, but the rest of the cast is a mystery. One actor who expects to be back for the film is Ben Whishaw, who plays the current incarnation of Q in the franchise. The actor spoke about returning, saying:

I believe I'm contracted to be in it. That's as much as I know... I was thrilled when I read that he [Danny Boyle] was going to be doing it. I can't think of a better, more exciting director for Daniel [Craig], for the way that he's taken the character. I think it'll be really exciting to work with him. I've been such a big fan.

So it sounds like if the script calls for Q to be in Bond 25, Ben Whishaw will be there. But just like most of us, Ben Whishaw currently knows nothing about Bond 25 or whether or not Q will be in the film. As one of the recurring characters throughout the Bond franchise, it stands to reason that Q will show up in the next movie. Although he may be contractually obligated to do so, Ben Whishaw also sounds interested in returning for the next chapter of 007. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, the voice of Paddington seems excited about the possibility of working with Danny Boyle and seeing what the collaboration between Trainspotting director and Daniel Craig produces.

Ben Whishaw's Q was first introduced in the Daniel Craig Bond 2012 film Skyfall, as a much younger Quartermaster than the previous iterations of the character portrayed by Peter Burton, Desmond Llewelyn and John Cleese. Since he was signed on for 3 plus films, I imagine that we'll be seeing Q when Bond 25 hits theaters next year. Ben Whishaw isn't the only one waiting to see whether he will be in the film either, Moneypenny actress Naomie Harris is also unsure if her character will be back. This may be the last film in the Daniel Craig continuity, so it would be great to see all of those quintessential Bond figures present to go out with a bang. Besides, where is 007 going to get all of his cool gadgets from, if not from Q?

The story for the next Bond film is being formulated by Danny Boyle and his writing partner John Hodge, with Hodge writing the script. Once that is finished the actors should have greater clarity about the future of their characters. Bond 25 is scheduled to being shooting at the end of the year with the intended release date of November 8, 2019. You'll be able to see Ben Whishaw just a bit sooner than that as he will be in Disney's upcoming reboot-quel, Mary Poppins Returns, in theaters this Christmas.

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