A Private War Trailer Has Rosamund Pike As An Eyepatch-Wearing Badass

Rosamund Pike is generally known for playing the cool blonde in most of her movies. Sometimes sweet, usually headstrong and occasionally bloody-minded and calculating, Pike has already gone a long way toward showing audiences that she's capable of giving us some very different characterizations on screen. Well, now she's going to be showing us yet another side of herself in her new film, A Private War. Pike is taking on the real-life story of American journalist Marie Colvin, and from the looks of the new trailer, she's definitely found herself one badass character this time. Take a look:

As you can see, Marie Colvin wasn't any ordinary reporter. She was obsessed with finding the truth behind many of the world's most dangerous conflicts, and went to war zones in the Middle East, Chechnya, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka and East Timor during the 27 years she worked for the British newspaper The Sunday Times. The heart-pounding trailer starts by letting us know that the work Colvin did could get her in trouble, as the governments she reported on were never amused by an outsider coming in and trying to get to the root of the wars they were a part of.

The trailer take us through many of the dangerous war zones that Marie Colvin went to, including the one which led to the loss of her eye, but is also keen to show us that she did have many people on her side as she traversed the globe looking for the truth in very hazardous places. One of those allies was her trusted photographer, Paul Conroy, who's played in the film by Fifty Shades Freed actor Jamie Dornan. The film will follow Colvin and Conroy to one of the most dangerous assignments of their lives, as they cover the war-torn Syrian city of Homs.

The title of the film seems to serve a dual purpose, and Rosamund Pike helps sell each aspect of A Private War equally well. Clearly, Colvin was completely dedicated to exposing the truth behind some of the most dangerous conflicts in the world, and willingly put herself at risk many times because, as Pike says at one point in the trailer, she needed to see it for herself. With that commitment, though, came some self-doubt. This was not about her mission to get to the truth, but about her unfailing desire to go to experience these war zones first hand, and the personal toll it took on her life. So, it seems that Colvin was fighting to get to the truth and also fighting with herself a bit as she continued to put herself in danger to do her job how she felt it needed to be done.

It certainly looks like Rosamund Pike has taken to the task of playing a tough, committed war correspondent with a badass ferocity that will make A Private War, which also stars Stanley Tucci, Tom Hollander, Corey Johnson and Fady Elsayed, an intriguing watch. The film hits theaters on November 2, and you can see what else is still coming to the big screen by checking out our 2018 movie release schedule.

Adrienne Jones
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