Kevin Smith Is Super Into One Avengers: Infinity War Fan Theory

Tom Hiddleston as Loki in Avengers: Infinity War
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Since Avengers: Infinity War was released nearly five months ago, fans have been watching the movie more closely in hopes of some clues hidden in plain sight from what to expect from Avengers 4. While the number of deaths in Infinity War was countless, Loki's death in particular has recently piqued the interest of fans, including professional geek/filmmaker Kevin Smith. Since the character is known to pull off convincing tricks and has faked his death before, it's a little difficult to believe that Loki's final appearance was in Infinity War. While re-watching the summer blockbuster, Smith smelled some trickery. In his words:

Last night, when I was watching it, there was one line I hung on which is where he goes 'the sun will shine on us again brother' and then he gets killed. Thor should have been like, 'Guess you were wrong fuck!' But he doesn't, and that made me think like maybe there is a play here.

Kevin Smith's comments come from an episode of his podcast, Fatman Beyond. During the episode, a fan shared a theory that could make a case that the half-brother of Thor could still be living. That is, if Thanos' snap didn't get to him either. As the fan pointed out, in the opening scene of Avengers: Infinity War, Loki goes to stab Thanos with his left hand. In all other scenes as his character, Tom Hiddleston has stabbed victims with his right hand except for one other occasion. When Loki fakes his death in Thor: The Dark World, the trickster also uses his left hand instead of his right.

Is it a coincidence, a hopeful stretch observed by fans, or a legitimate clue into Avengers 4? Until the follow-up is released next year, this is anyone's guess. Kevin Smith loves this theory, mostly because it brings a little hope of the possible return of the clever villain. As Smith pointed out, Loki was an interesting character who was starting to show some of his good-natured self. Loki had one of the most fleshed-out arcs in the MCU, which concluded with him trying his hand at defeating Thanos. Another fan countered his theory that Loki might still be alive by noting his last words was probably dramatic irony. Smith quickly shut it down, in hopes of Loki's return to the MCU.

Since the Time Stone exists, anything from Avengers: Infinity War could potentially be erased, depending on how the remaining Avengers decide to reverse Thanos' deadly snap that killed off half of the universe. With characters such as Spider-Man and Black Panther wiped out of existence, even though they are set to get additional solo movies, it's likely that many who died at the end of Infinity War could be resurrected. But will Loki? May 3, 2019 can't come soon enough.

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